Teenage Engineering OP-1 - the portable wonder synthesizer

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Teenage Engineering OP-1

the portable wonder synthesizer


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Hunter's comment

This has to be the worlds greatest portable synthesizer. I bet it is even better than most full size synthesizers. This synth has a FM radio built into it & also an assignable G-force sensor for motion controlled effects. I have never seen another synth with those 2 features before. Maybe you can make your music wobble with this by twisting it back & forth. You can even be like DRE on this.

It also packs a awesome super amole display that runs at 60 FPS. WOW. It has color coded keys for different functions. It has a huge 16 hour battery life. You could make music all day long on this little synth.

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Hunter: @thabiggdogg


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Keep up the hunt!
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I love the motion controlled effects for the music, very creative
the size makes this easily portable
simple to use
extra long battery life
I did not find any cons

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