Samsung Powerbot R7065 - 40x More Powerful Suction, Delivers optimal cleaning results

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Samsung Powerbot R7065

40x More Powerful Suction, Delivers optimal cleaning results







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When people hear the company name Samsung they will usually think of their phones. But they do make other consumer products. Here is a Robot Vacuum from them, called the Powerbot.

This Powerbot is so smart you can control it with your voice from Alexa, Google Assistant, or SmartThings. This would be almost like telling your kids to go sweep the floor. But now you look at your phone & say hey Powerbot, go clean up my mess. This sweeper has sensors to avoid running into objects. If your beer is sitting on the floor this smart Powerbot will not come knock it over. If you are looking at HIGH TECH sweepers, check this one out by Samsung.

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  • Hi-end technologies
  • Voice control compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, or SmartThings
  • Remote control
  • Kids can play with while it cleans the floor
  • Samsung product


  • Expensive accessories if you need to replace any parts


  • Wireless vacuum cleaner, easy to use
  • Integrated sensors that allow the vacuum cleaner to avoid obstacles
  • Powerful suction that allows a complete cleaning.
  • Automatic refill system, when the vacuum cleaner has little load, it automatically goes to the place of loading, after being charged resumes its cleaning activity.
  • It has a filter that can be washed, which facilitates maintenance.
  • Monthly payment plans


  • A little expensive


  • Excellent deep cleaning
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings appliances
  • Navigates around furniture well


  • Can get stuck when it encounters obstacles on the floor.

Pros :

  • This has voice control compatible with Google assistant
  • powerful cleaner
  • Good thing is it's wireless so it can be used very easily

Cons :

Expensive when it gets repair & as mentioned by raulmz it can get struck when there is obstacles

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