iClever GK01 - 2.4 GHz USB Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad

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iClever GK01

2.4 GHz USB Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad






Hunter's comment

Here is another cool item from iClever. It is a USB Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad. I have a mini keyboard with touchpad, & the touchpad don't work that great. This looks much better than the ones I have.

This also has a full keyboard. So it has all the function keys at the top. Most mini keyboards don't have that. This keyboard would be great for an Android TV, Windows 10 PC, HPTV Google Box, or anything else you need a wireless keyboard for. You will be able to sit on your couch & use this keyboard for whatever you have hooked up to your TV. These really do come in handy if you have a PC or another device hooked up to your HDTV.

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Hunter: @thabiggdogg


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This is a great product hunt man @thebiggdogg!

Well here are my thoughts for this product.


  • Handy keyboard, perfect for better handling and control.
  • Great technological innovation, to improve user convenience, a touchpad is incorporated, eliminating the need for mouse and overall lessening the mess of lengthy wires.
  • To top it all, the price is very reasonable, perfect to its intended function.


  • None for this product.


  • Wireless
  • Supports USB
  • Compatible with various devices


  • None that I can think of


  • A wireless type of keyboard. Nothing to worry where to plug-in the USB cable
  • Convenient and Easy to use
  • A keyboard with a Touchpad is very ideal for a computer geek
  • Price is reasonable enough for this type of product


  • Nothing so far

Woww!! This is also what I am looking for. Hope it will be available in the Philippines too soon!

  • Very handy. Good for travelling. You don't need to bring anymore a mouse and a keyboard since it is combined in one.
  • Comes with a numlock functions also.
  • Easily be connected by a USB dongle wherein you can easily connect through big screens and surf all you want!
  • With additional Smart TV-friendly features activated through pressing the Fn plus the keys like the Pause/Play | Rewind | Forward and etc.
  • It's very lightweight. You don't need to carry all the burdens but just by this, and now you're good to go.


  • It's not foldable. I prefer that for a perfect portability! :)

Great product hunt @thabiggdogg. Checking on the product myself, i have concluded some product reviews, please see below :

Pros :

  • It supports wireless which makes it really convenient for the user to go anywhere carrying the keyboard as long as it is still on the covered range
  • It has a touchpad which has compatibility with Android Smart TV
  • Good navigation using touchpad on search of movies or some information research on the internet
  • It is really extreme lightweight which makes it very convenient for the user to put them into his/her lap almost without feeling the keyboard's weight
  • Very comfortable springy touch keys
  • With whisper-quite touch keys, you can use them at night without disturbing your family during their sleep

Cons :
None as i can find

Such a great hunt! Would love to buy this one as I have issues in intestine-like wires


  • Highly portable. You can navigate or type even if you are distant from your PC or smart TV
  • Already has a touchpad. This is good to go! No need for mouse
  • Can free yourself from having too much wires to arrange
  • The price is very affordable! Would definitely buy this one


  • I was actually looking at the site if there is a distance limit from the source, unfortunately, there's none. So this might be a con if the connectivity range is very limited


  • Wireless keyboard that can be used anywhere with a range of up to 30 feet
  • Elastic keys that allow more rest to the fingers when typing
  • Touchpad included
  • Very economical


  • I do not see cons for this product


This is a truly wireless keyboard.
The keyboard runs on 2 AAA batteries I would think it is safe for kids.
price is reasonable and good for what you will get.

None I can think of


This is a really nice, lightweight keyboard. The feel and response of the keys and having the trackback is really great.
Easy install/Very responsive

None as I can see

Hi @thabiggdogg,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on!


  • Wireless
  • provides a touchpad
  • just 20$
  • None


  • The range is something i am impressed with, 30 feet is too gud.
  • Ending use of mouse with touchpad and some plastic keys will be helpful in many ways.
  • Its economical and lightweight. Well suited for normal working people.


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  • very handy (2 in 1)
  • no need to buy external mouse
  • decent price
  • wireless
  • none

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