Zombie objectives - Protect lives, save property and above all, kill zombies

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Zombie objectives

Protect lives, save property and above all, kill zombies



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Hunter's comment

  • As a member of the elite military team, the responsibility has bow fallen on you to protect lives, save property, gather supplies, provide sniper support and above all, hunt and kill the zombies. In this first person shooter game,you have seven maps with it different style and tactics of play, you also have seven mode of game play, twelve zombie type and twenty one guns ranging from sniper, machine gun,shot gun, rifles, etc.

  • Zombie Objective official game trailer

    New version now on board
    optimised performance.
    Bug fixed

    7 different maps with different battling tactics.
    .You have a lot of zombie type to choose from like, Splitters, fast movers, fire zombies etc.
    . You have 7 game mode which include: Defend, sniper, Gather, Survival, protect, Attack, and Boss Battles

    Update date: June 7th, 2018.
    Developers: Killer bean studios
    game size: 45.92 MB
    Version: 1.0.9

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    Hunter: @tfame3865


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    I use to play such games when i was a kid but now i don,t have time for these but i like zombie games. killing and shouting. YOU can say i love shouting game. when i was a kid i use to play evil dead game. thanks for this hunt

    Amazing graphics! This is the kind of game that would keep me on screen for hours. It reminds me of the popular zombie game: Resident Evil. Great hunt.

    remember to hunt really your best finds on the web, we want the site to be fully of quality awesome products that people will love!

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    I love to playingplaying fighting and shooting games . This is a beautiful zombie killing games. I like to playing this type of gane like zombie roadkill 3d. But I think it is also a beautifull game .

    Thanks for this beautifull hunt . This game is veryvery beautifull for those who love to playing computer games. This is a beautifull and amazing game . Killing and battle games are very intresting.

    I love to kill zommbie in the game & this game looking more intresting but while we play that type of game we need to more active that type of zoombies game. That's why i love shooting game.....

    Awesome hunt.

    I like zomebie shooter games alot, most especially in Virtual Reality cos it looks so realistic and somewhat scary to some people, not to me though...lol.

    Zombie Objective is an awesome innovative thing. It has very unique features which are very interesting to try this out. We can choose what we like to play. Very fascinating hunt.

    I played a Zembie Game before and I enjoyed it. Sure I will give a try to Zombie Objectives. Thanks for sharing.

    I like playing shooting games and I am ready to kill all zombies (event hey are already dead, lol) Zombie objectives is great hunt.

    Wow.. Another cool game from @tfame here this is a very easy to play game with cool gameplay .. Nice hunt buddy

    A very entertaining game definitely, good graphics and a very curious theme haha. I especially like it because there are many weapons and they took great care in the design of the zombies. Great hunt!

    Thanks for share this hunt!

    Great Hunting

    As a member of the elite military team, responsibility has been imposed on you to protect lives, save property, collect supplies, provide sniper support and most importantly, hunt and kill zombies.

    I have reviewed the hunt and deserve to be given an upvote

    game that makes our guts challenged.
    exciting and very challenging when you have to face zombies.
    cool game


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