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Desk that works with you



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A desk designed to work for you at anytime of use. It adjusts its height to your pose at the moment of use and can power your device using a wire or wireless connection. It can fit in any space and the quality provides durability over time.

Norm desk is made of warm to the touch acrylic stone and a stable aluminium alloy four-leg base, all fully recyclable. Tabletop has three universal power sockets, two USB-C ports, wireless charger for three devices, and inner sensors to analyse and improve your working behaviour


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This is really creative and every taskful person involving in a table work or job can easily use this as it changes to the person best position



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This is not just a regular desk but a multipurpose desk, that one could really make good use of. This could be used for offices and persons who work from home. Nice hunt

Is a very innovating product. I like it. Great Hunt @tega-utos


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