Sick Day Box - Everything you need to make it through a sick day

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Sick Day Box

Everything you need to make it through a sick day


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Hunter's comment

what a well designed product that really solves a major problem for remote workers, getting a feel sick day box in the post. while not a technology hunt i love the way that they used the web to enable this 'order for the office' pack for people that are feeling a little rough.

great for brand advocates and agencies to send out to their workforce and totally instagrammable! -- love the amazon gift card and a movie code so you can watch something while you are recovering! :)

Everything you need to make it through a sick day.


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Idea is nice and will help improve employee engagement. Nice little perk/gesture. Don't know how successful this one is but looking forward to its competition building up in other countries.

Cool Hunt !

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

This is really an amazing tool for sick person. I remember when I was sick and My father was spending all the day for my comfort and bring me home back healthy. You made me emotional.... :sob:

I think it could be a very beautiful gift for our parents and person who is suffering from Sick and I would strongly recommended you to whenever you go to the hospital to meet someone Please bring this kit with you as a gift rather than Flowers.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

It's always difficult time when you are sick and even worse when you are along. This is a great solution to overcome both your loneliness and sickness. A kit with all the essentials to spend and forget about your sickness and get well soon.
Nice hunt

That would be awesome to stay peacefuly during a whole sick day. This is an awesome service which is useful to solve all the major problems.

There are very few people who are not sick or have flu during cold winter days. But the important thing is that after we get sick, we have to think about how to get over it. Although the first thing that comes to our mind is to go to the doctor and I'm against it, because I'm against it, because when we have the flu, I don't find it very true that the body takes an artificial chemical from the outside. That's why I think we're going to get over our disease using the reinforcing foods here.

Price : $29.00


  • Included in the box is a gift card for one movie rental from Amazon.
  • Immune boosting Vitamin C, B Vitamins, and Electrolytes. It's never too late.
  • Feeling queasy? These ginger candies are a safe and tasty fix.


sick day box lol what a weird name that attracted me to check it out what is this hehe and really I'm seeing it first time and first time i came to know about such kinda thing heeh really cool i just check it out what that box contains awesome like Ginger ale, Herbal Tea, Breath Mints, Tissues, Cough Drops very nice

Yes that is really appreciable when someone cares for you for their workers and specially for HUMANITY. Sick Day Box is a great project nice idea and well elaborated by the hunter. When your day id bad and you are not feeling well sick day is here for you *Everything you need to make it through a sick day. Thanks a lot for your excellent search @teamhumble.

Of course, you have to be very appreciated for such a beautiful hunting. You have a great box of products. You reviewed us. You said it is not a product, but I think it is a product and it will be very usable because it is very easy to carry. By doing so we can take all the necessary things and from them we can easily get a benefit Proposal and it will give us a lot of nice service will be able to solve the many problems and so beautiful, thank you to present a powerful product in our midst

This is a nice for major problems when you are not fine.It looks like to give a present when your friend is sick or something like that.Anyway this is a well sick day box for all pepoles.I like so much about it.This is a good post on steemhunt.

This sick day box is really a helping hand to any one that can be used when ever needed. Useful product and great hunt.

I'm amazed by the idea. It's a great marketing strategy side by side it's can be a great motivating factor for the employees.
Who wouldn't love to get something like this box when he is on sick leave or so from his office!
They also include a movie ticket. Amazing idea to help the employees feel better.
Thanks for sharing. Great hunt.

If i am wrong please correct me is this post related to steem hunt discovery terms and conditions ? so if yes can i post about a pizza box ?

This is really awesome. Working in a public school system I need about one of these every couple of months. Those kids bring in germs from all over the place! :) This is a really great idea and something that more people should keep on hand. Thanks for sharing!

Sick Day Box is a simply special product for a day sick person.Normally when we become sick we jump into uneasy situation.After thinking this I decided to check this item .And its consist of thermometer (very helpful),With Vitamin,My fav Chicken Noodle Soup,Breath mint and more .But one thing attracted me more that Amazon movie rental.I really watch movie when I become sick 😐.I will recommend everyone to use this for you and your family.
@teamhumble once again Gooh Hunt.Thanks

omg I can use this right now, I've been sick all week. It seems like this time of year every time. the cold really messes me up lmao


time to get yourself a set of boxes then!

Very good hunt and it is very easy to Carry . It is very useful for me and I waiting for such more hunt .



no worries. i'll bring more everyday. i've got a target to reach! :)

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