rekord - user-friendly application to download YouTube videos to MP3

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user-friendly application to download YouTube videos to MP3



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you probably have a few favorite tracks on youtube you like, this is a pretty slick conversion program that will work pretty much cross platform to covert the youtube video straight to MP3 audio, great if you need to fill up an audio player :)

Rekord is an application for download YouTube videos and convert them to MP3. The latter is running on electron and Angular


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Useful Software for downloading YouTube Videos and convert to MP3 if needed...
They are planning to choose video/audio before downloading, it will save some time..

Future plans for enhancements and development

  • Possibility to choose between download video or audio only

Impressive Hunt

I also have youtube to mp3 converter platform similar to this one but i don't remember the site now. Anyways, mostly, the music videos are the one that i want to convert and save it to my music folder and listen it in my smartphone.

I usually use the for downloading songs from youtube if it comes to downloading. While will check it out btw !!

Many of us use youtube to listen to music but sometimes we would rather listen to it on the go by using Rekord you can actually turn a youtube video's into a MP3 files which you can then listen to on your supported device and it doesn't have to be just songs it could be any audio you listen too like interviews, podcasts etc, id say the best feature is the detection of a YouTube link automatically in the clipboard, trust me it saves time.

I've been looking onwards to have one app that can perform downloading from YouTube video and as same time to convert it to mp3 but, couldn't found any since. Rekord is awesome app that can help to do the conversion. I have to get this installed on my device right away because I'm love watching films so much in YouTube and I can still have those films stored on my storage.

Thanks @teamhumble for this awesome app shared.

Downloading video on YouTube and as well converting to mp3 when needed is cool. Those lover of YouTube can now enjoy saving for later view with this app Rekord

Great hunt!

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OMG! I've been on research looking for such app all day long but I couldn't find any. Thanks to @teamhumble for sharing Rekord at this time. I think I should have this right now and start downloading on YouTube

Seriously I find this very useful. Before time always had a way I converted my YouTube videos in downloadable mp4 videos but now I could barely remember how. This is a great and useful find truly. For now now more downloading and continuous updating thumbnail files in my YouTube app

Wow amazing stuff. Sometimes we likes Songs or videos on Youtube and we want it to download it, So Rekord is here for us to download and yes we can convert them to MP3.
Nice and Cool Hunt Dear.
Thumbs up.
Thanks for Sharing

This is great, not everyone can stream these videos and I've been looking for a good app to download the videos I love. Thanks for sharing this