Gravity Energy Device - power from gravity? whoa, that's very cool

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Gravity Energy Device

power from gravity? whoa, that's very cool




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like whoa, so making energy from gravity displacement. .

The proof of principle showed that the input energy was turned into electricity with a very high efficiency, thanks to the use of gravity. 90% per cycle is within reach. Very little input is needed to make it work and the input can come from wind, rain, sun or other sources

wow, not something that you think about everyday but it sounds like the geniuses over twente university have and they even have a prototype to show us.

just think about the ramifications of this for a moment -- if you can create your own gravity swells, almost like force field generators if you want a simplier idea that the very power of opposite gravity generation could create enough power to then be used as power for say a completely new kind of space thruste.

in fact, if gravity was important to the amount of power consider what elements you could throw in -- the more gravity a planet had the more it could power the shield or be used to in an 'accelerometer' kinda of multi axis way buffer entry -- all the power derived from creating gravity wells that you project around you or in front of you..

now i realise that i'm projecting a lot of sci fi talk there but just seeing the simply device with that constant movement i presume created by magnets locked in position would bring about some interesting larger scale machines -- it's like that free energy device they always told us about was a lie! :)

i think this is very cool technology, not sure it will scale or produce enough power but it's an interesting way to think of things that don't give us back energy naturally -- it's cool, it probably cost too much, the build is fire, ethics could be game changing and i would not touch it until the version in 2050 ;)

' OK '

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Keep up the hunt!
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My own personal thoughts, this is such a cool find! I must dig deeper!


  • Unique product
  • Eco friendly
  • Cool tech


  • None that I can see

Great hunt~


  • Generates energy from gravity, something great, I do not think there is another invention to do the same now.


  • Still in testing phase.
  • They will have to work very hard so that this new invention can create enough energy to supply a complete home as a minimum, currently the prototype generates enough energy to light a bulb.

Pros :

  • The product is unique in the market.
  • It passed the standards of not harming the environment.
  • Provides a great user experience.

Cons :

  • I can't think of any cons at the moment.

This is cool but I think it will take another few decades before some realistic energy could be harness from Gravity.


  • Gravity is free. So this could be free energy
  • Gravity is abundant and everywhere


  • Expect not to see it in your lifetime
  • Even if it does, the energy output is questionable.
  • There are many other innovations out there that aims to create free energy, like the spiral river damn. Perhaps more research funds could be put into those.

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