TravelbyBit Australia - The world's first digital currency airport

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TravelbyBit Australia

The world's first digital currency airport


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let the world know

i really really love this idea, this needs to be a concept that is used around the world at all airports and anywhere we see lots of footfall, i'm still digging around the site but if they have a whitepaper or a process for deploying this in more places (i.e help in how they do the upsell to the merchants) then this could accelerate cryptos by an order of magnitude for our favorite digital cryptocurrencies.

Travelers from all over the world are coming to Brisbane Airport to experience the technology. Every transaction they make displayed live below for the whole world to see



Hunter: @teamhumble

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I have reviewed your hunt and found the following issues:

The correct name of the product is


You can mention in the short description that it is australian airport.

Please have a look at their social media profiles and you will see their official name.

Please reply to this comment after you edit it.

Thank you :)


i have corrected it. thank you.


Would be nice if you remove the spaces and write it as "TravelbyBit" (just a suggestion, as someone else can post it by the same name without space)