Trusted Contacts - a personal security applications

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Trusted Contacts

a personal security applications



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If you want to know your loved ones are safe, then Google's own Trusted Contacts is the answer. Simply add a bunch of contacts you trust and they get special access to see where your phone is and when you're active.

Any time, they can send a location request. If all is fine, you can turn down the request and they'll know you're safe. If for whatever reason you can't reply within five minutes, the app will automatically respond with your location – even if you're out of battery and without signal.



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  • Could help you in emergency cases


  • It does not always work, so it does not always show the correct location etc.


  • This application is very useful to know the location of the people we have added to our trusted contacts that may be missing
  • Easy to use and add trusted contacts


  • There are no cons for this application

Pros :

  • Easy to add trusted contacts
  • Very good to hear about this feature location sharing of loved ones
  • This will help you in emergency situations
  • Free to download

Cons :
App looks perfect no cons for this

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