Craft Laser - CO2 Laser cut or engrave at home, Safe and Portable

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Craft Laser

CO2 Laser cut or engrave at home, Safe and Portable





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Use it Anywhere

CraftLaser can be used wherever power is supplied. The problem of the existing laser cutter is solved by highly efficient air filtration device and air purification device. The removable seal wheel and movable weight make it easy to carry.

Auto Focus

Another feature of CraftLaser is autofocus. The laser cutter must be adjusted by hand or computer without the autofocus feature. This is very uncomfortable. It's convenient to focus automatically!


Safety is very important for laser cutters. The CraftLaser cuts off the laser as soon as the drawer is opened during the cutting and sculpting process. There is also an emergency shut-off switch which, when pressed, cuts off the power to the laser. It is not the end here. Provides a lock and key system to prevent unauthorized users access.



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What an intelligent cutting tool and very easy for us of course. With technology all becoming easier, now we do not have to bother to cut a wood to be arranged or to make an object. Laser craft has an easier way, can be manual use of the hand or even with computer technology. Stay design then this laser will realize what we want. Nice Hunt bro


Since this laser is a cutting tool, to be honest I worry about its safety.

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