The History of Everything - From Big Bang To The Birth of The Internet!

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The History of Everything

From Big Bang To The Birth of The Internet!



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Hunter's comment

This application is perfect for history lovers. If you would like to know about the origin story of life and various popular events in the history then you are going to enjoy this. There are multiple sections which caters to different areas of history. The timeline gives you how many years ago a particular event happened from today's date.


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Great hunt...
An engaging and fun way to show the beginning of universe. Good one especially to intrigue children's interest. I always loved to hear about big bang theory.

I am a really big fun of history. Only one thing i am worry. What kind of history they teach?
Since i finish the school many theories changed already about the past. Also everybody or lets say almost everybody know that some parts of history are lil bit lets say fake. Different what the people who lived that time told and different what we had to learn about it.
Anyway the idea is good but hmmmm difficult situation to be honest. Now i am 34 and even now i learn new thing about history and to be honest they are not the same what we learned in the school but make more sense to me.
By the way very good hunt i just wrote down my toughts😉

@sugandhaseth, I personally like this application because I like history. It almost and most of the information about different events which are happened in our past and leave great impact on our community. Nice hunt

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Good Hunt. I love historical stuff. This is jam packed with useful information and is good for kids and adults to look to learn the different things that shape the world today. The infographics and timeline is neatly done and it makes it easy check out the information. I bet this will increase the interest for anyone who isn't a history lover, to become intrigue in the history of the world.

This app will be a great source of information and knowledge. Sometimes I feel like lazy in googling if something pops in my mind. But finding something handy like this would be great.
Youngstars who love history and knowledge would love this.

This is very cool. In today's world were everything is just moving forward with a tremendous pace and force, it is easily to forget history. Especially our youth, but with this they mighy just look back a bit and understand how it bega and learn and educate themselfs. I like history alot therefore, i think this is such a great thing to educate oneself.

Great hunt and happy new year.


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