Focus &Blur - Focus on the most important part of your photo

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Focus &Blur

Focus on the most important part of your photo



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Focus &Blur is an application that is design to help you focus on your most desired part of your picture. You can select that part of the photo that you need and blur the rest in just a click. That is what its all about.

When your camera forgets to focus on things, people or nature that you want to highlight more in your photos, then this app does it all. Bring out the inner artist in you, with Focus & Blur tool for Mac. This app lets you focus on things that are more important and blur the rest in a single shot. With custom and smart techniques to blur the background, this app is a new genius in town.Source


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yes, when i try to take a shot of any object and want to blur background it gives me a headache when it comes to setting kinda thing. Always loved that feature i love it the way focus and blur work but i used to think we can only get this feature in Hd camera etc. It nice to see that now the app is available. Definitely will try this thanks for bringing this in our notice.

It seems a very perfect app for a photographer to enhance and better their photography skills using this app. Because not everyone has DSLR Camera and also not everyone can afford it so this app will be the best option to capture photographs.

I have seen so many apps but it looks different by its result. And non-professional can easily done editing using this App.
Nice Hunt

Not everyone is a great photographer, we need some tool to make our photo look stunning and more focused. with this tool we can focus on us and leave the rest of the area.

After blurring the background, the photo looks cool. Because after blur it only focuses on main part. This is a cool app who want to blur the background and want to show the only important part they should try this app.

Can be quite useful app if your camera does not have focus option or you forgot to focus during the shot.

Great hunt 👍 👍 👍

Wow looks like a best app in this category which is free too. I already try it on my iphone and everything works fast and smoothly in addition the effects are great & it is simple to use and no in-app purchases too!. Awesome Search

Cool effective tools to make a photo cool with editing techniques. It helps to make a photo more realistic.

Wow. It look so awesome tool to make photo more attractive. it can help bring out the best in photos, and focus on the real part. Great hunt

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Wonderful app for Mac users, they can capture amazingly beautiful artistic photos by using this app. This app let's you focus on things you want to highlight and blurr those aspects which are unnecessary and blurred portion add beauty to the captured image.
On has to pay almost 2$ to use it and this is not a heavy price one pays for getting stunning pictures.
It would have been most wanted app if it had an android version. As of me, its useless as I am an android user. Great hunt.

great hunt. can help bring out the best in photos, and focus on the real part. whether it's nature photography or just clicking photos of people, it can really help pics look better and bring out the best features. would be great to use for any amateur or pro photograher

I like taking photos and editing to have a well edited pic so always keep on looking to a great photo editor. I am going to try this for sure. Thanks for sharing.

You are welcome


  • Good for still photography
  • You can easily focus on any part in the picture.
  • Free to use.
  • easy to download.
  • Makes photos more beautiful.


  • non

The nice application helps to create beautiful photo. I like photography so this so good for me. nice hunt

Then you can go for it..

Awesome ONe!
It will make photography beautiful and take clarity to the next step. Without any DSLR we can have such a beautiful pictures.
Thank You and Have a GooD daY!

What a great and amazing hunt. It is very good tool for photographers and all peoples. It you like to blur your photo and your looks become more beautiful. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

Looks stunning, I wish, there were an android version.

I think this thing is done by most of the apps nowadays. Nothing new but still this app must have something unique than others which I didn't see yet.

Wow it is great for me and it is very good for some photo lovers. I also a photo lover also it is very good for me. Thank you very much for sharing this application with us

Focus &Blur is a much needed and useful app which allows us to blur the desired part of an image instantly. Thanks for sharing this amazing app with us.

This is a nice app for everyone especially if you want to glass your picture. This will help you to blur the rest of the environment and leave only the part that you want to see. Nice app @steepup.

Hello dear friend!!@steepup

Actually applications with focus blur photography in this way give us freedom in photography field. Because by this you can better highlight only the part which we want to show. Sometimes some scenes in the background are unsightly or we don't want to be placed in the photo, so we need an application to remove that scene. But with the introduction of such apps, they can be blurred and best photography can be done.
Very cool search..

Wao , it is so nice and interesting application because we can focus on our important part of photo. Great hunt.

Yeah thanks

Great hunt. It can be helpful for photo lovers to use it to bring out the best in photos. This is actually a good solution for focus blur photography. I think great photography can be done with this app. thank you for sharing.

This is useful tools just in case you missed on your camera setting or if your smartphone doesn't have the function to focus on an object that you want to stand out in your photo. Nice hunt

in computer graphics lab we are trying these things out like focusing adding filters and much more :)


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Nice application which will make your photography amazing and attractive without DSLR camera. I hope the app will be available on andrios phone soon. Nice hunt

This is really amazing product for Photography lover. Using the product we can focus on specific part of the picture whic make the picture more attractive.

Amazing app to Click pictures like a pro, looking forward for its android version to release.