Honk Happy - A Car Horn That Communicates The Way We Do

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Honk Happy

A Car Horn That Communicates The Way We Do


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Car horns are super loud for those times where you need to say LOOK OUT! But what about those times when there’s a distracted driver at a stop sign or in a parking lot and you simply want to get their attention nicely so they move along. Honk Happy is great if you don’t want to startle or anger anyone, and you don’t want anyone to think you are angry.




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If you have been driving for long enough it seems to became second nature and people get distracted this is also what often causes accidents the Honk Happy suppose to be a car horn that nicely get's the attention of distracted drivers, who knows perhaps personalised honking might be a thing of the future.

Car horn help to startle people when they're carried away on the road. Especially because of life issues. Many drivers and pedestrian will be revived back when they hear sound of horn


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