Mapleystory M - First MapleStory MMORPG

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Mapleystory M

First MapleStory MMORPG


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Hello hunter's...

My first post in steemhunt.
I am new hunter's @steempres
Mapleystory M is officially launched worldwide.
It has been noted, MapleStory M declines more or less the first MapleStory (distributed on PC), but adapted to Android and iOS mobile platforms. The game plunges the player into the universe and the frame discovered in the PC version of the MMORPG, displays the same color tone, the side-scrolling view, the same types of boss raids or the same management of the customization of the avatars.
This new version of the MMO promises already 150 levels of progression, several playableOn l'a noté, MapleStory M décline peu ou prou le premier MapleStory (distribué sur PC), mais adapté aux plateformes mobiles Android et iOS. Le jeu replonge le joueur dans l'univers et la trame découverts dans la version PC du MMORPG, affiche le même ton coloré, la vue en side-scrolling, les mêmes types de raids de boss ou la même gestion de la personnalisation des avatars.
Cette nouvelle mouture du MMO promet d'ores et déjà 150 niveaux de progression, plusieurs classes jouables (Chevalier obscur, Maître de l'arc, Seigneur de la nuit, Évêque et Corsaire), des donjons ou encore un système de monture et d'animaux de compagnie. classes (Dark Knight, Master of the bow, Lord of the night, Bishop and Corsair), dungeons or a system of mount and pets.

  • MapleStory M also intends to innovate in terms of combat gameplay, clashes and leveling are optimized for mobile platforms and the game includes the inevitable "auto-play" that plays in the player's place during the fighting or for complete quests for each class.

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hey there, i'm sorry this hunt needs to be in english as we are an english speaking site, can you make the changes? thank you.

I'm a new hunter
i want to learn it ..
thanks for advice and input, I immediately change it.

Excellent hunt my friend,I will give you 100% of my vote this game is really very good but nevertheless I think you can do even better your hunt would like to give you some recommendations that might help you a bit
Add to your hunt PROS and CONS
Place some gifs
Make your hunt attractive
But to be your first hunt you really did a great job. Congratulations. I really liked it.

you have not done the changes asked in the time frame as suggested in the new guidelines. this hunt is now hidden.

Hello, your hunt is cool game!
Here is my personal comment for your hunt:


  • Compete with players from all over the world.
  • Playing in real-time
  • Explore the city



Great hunt! Thank you very much! Looking for your new hunt.

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