Garmin Forerunner 645 - Play Your Favorite Songs & Track Your Fitness & Buy Online!

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Garmin Forerunner 645

Play Your Favorite Songs & Track Your Fitness & Buy Online!





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Ever wanted to enjoy the music while doing work-out or swimming or walking? Garmin Forerunner 645 presents a lot of awesome features for you in just a single watch. It's not just a watch that you wear every day. You can save up to 500 songs of your like and play them whenever you want. Connect your Bluetooth headphone to listen to the songs. What's more? It has the unique fitness sensor which helps you track your fitness activity. And let me reveal the most exciting part, this smartwatch gives you an option to pay for anything using your card if you want to buy something. Awesome, right

Some of the great characteristics of Garmin Forerunner 645:

  • You can listen to music while doing anything and store up to 500 song files.
  • You can enjoy your favorite radio stations.
  • Connect your Bluetooth headset or you can also connect your earbuds.
  • Awesome design and digital numbers for timing information.
  • It helps you track how many steps you walked.
  • It helps you monitor your heart rate while walking or running or doing anything.
  • It can be connected to Android/iOS and there you can browse your activity records.
  • You can monitor your location with GPS like where you walked or run and when.
  • Want to buy something using your credit card? It offers the option to pay on the spot using the card. Awesome, isn't it?

Short Video Review:


Garwin Forerunner 645 smartwatch has everything you may want (or should I say that it has a lot more than what you would want?). You can not only track your fitness but also listen to music and if you want to buy something online, you can pay using the integrated payment options on the spot. What's more? It also offers a radio. Truly awesome!



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  • Cool gadget for music lover at the same time as an athlete
  • It can store up to 500 song and can be sync to your Bluetooth headphones
  • In addition it can be browse to your Android or IOS phone
  • Keep tracks to your heart rate as well as your steps during daily activities


  • I think it will be expensive

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Good job @steemist, I loved the presentation of this product, description and the unbeatable photos, THANKS for sharing!

great job ^^

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