Daily Top 10 Hunts on Steemhunt ( 8 Sep 2018)

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Hello hunters!

Yesterday, there were 211 products, and $459.67 SBD hunter’s rewards were generated.

Top 10 Hunts on 8 Sep 2018

Take a look at the top 10 hunted products yesterday for your daily dose of inspiration 😎

1. Cryptons

Start Collecting Cryptons Now & Earn Ethereum

@lordoftruth · 226 votes and 59 comments
HUNT Score: 517.63 (Pending payout: $15.56 SBD)


The World's First Modular Light Bulb

@toffer · 216 votes and 60 comments
HUNT Score: 511.21 (Pending payout: $10.33 SBD)

3. ioCamper

The Transportable Folding Apartment

@shaanivc · 193 votes and 47 comments
HUNT Score: 421.98 (Pending payout: $7.06 SBD)


Good bye Dust mite

@steenit · 204 votes and 48 comments
HUNT Score: 415.63 (Pending payout: $4.54 SBD)

5. Primitive

Experience the future of software development in VR

@ememovic · 170 votes and 27 comments
HUNT Score: 335.78 (Pending payout: $6.45 SBD)

6. Coins and Steel

A fantasy game on Ethereum blockchain

@jwolf · 166 votes and 35 comments
HUNT Score: 313.58 (Pending payout: $8.66 SBD)

7. BCIO - Blockchain.io ICO

Your Gateway to the Internet of Value

@lazarescu.irinel · 155 votes and 11 comments
HUNT Score: 301.33 (Pending payout: $9.64 SBD)

8. EV4 City Quad

Four Wheels Electric Tilting Bike

@fako · 139 votes and 60 comments

HUNT Score: 296.06 (Pending payout: $6.97 SBD)

9. The ARAW Token

The Decentralised Payment for E-Commerce Ecosystem

@georgemales · 141 votes and 16 comments
HUNT Score: 278.96 (Pending payout: $6.45 SBD)

10. Highway getaway: Police chase

Get busted or outrun the cops

@tfame3865 · 142 votes and 37 comments
HUNT Score: 251.86 (Pending payout: $6.07 SBD)



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I am happy that I can able to be in the top ten hunt again. Thanks for all hunters and supporters! Lets celebrate this by resteeming todays hunts!

congratulations to all the hunters who presented the best products, another day of great hunting, many thanks to @steemhunt team for allowing us this diversion

@steemhunt it's Awesome information. All Blogs are very nice.

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Trump is there too ?

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There's some ingenious stuff here. The human mind is capable of such creative things.

I upvoted you as a witness :) good luck!

Hello @steemhunt, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!