Daily Top 10 Hunts on Steemhunt (17 Mar 2020)

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Hello hunters!

Yesterday, there were 67 products, and $127.21 SBD hunter’s rewards were generated.

Top 10 Hunts on 17 Mar 2020

Take a look at the top 10 hunted products yesterday for your daily dose of inspiration 😎

1. Roli Rover

Rover style robot that inspires STEM learning

@xabi · 34 votes and 12 comments
HUNT Score: 174.9 (Pending payout: $4.46 SBD)

2. Java Dump

750+ Java Programs with Output

@raonabeel · 33 votes and 12 comments
HUNT Score: 170.38 (Pending payout: $4.29 SBD)

3. Sitting Atom Astro Boy

Communication Robot for kids

@djbravo · 28 votes and 5 comments
HUNT Score: 142.14 (Pending payout: $3.33 SBD)

4. InstantDrag

An easy to use app builder
![](https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/steemhunt/production/steemhunt/2020-03-17/d26b8b1f-download (1).png)

@tornad · 26 votes and 4 comments
HUNT Score: 117.79 (Pending payout: $3.9 SBD)

5. Jodel

It's a live social feed of your community's

@coml · 26 votes and 3 comments
HUNT Score: 114.3 (Pending payout: $3.68 SBD)

6. Raid Healer

Start your journey as a healer and keep your party alive

@mamun123456 · 21 votes and 2 comments
HUNT Score: 108.38 (Pending payout: $4.67 SBD)

7. Sia

smart animated lamp

@abdulhanan · 21 votes and 5 comments
HUNT Score: 103.88 (Pending payout: $4.15 SBD)

8. Lottie Dottie Chicken

Try Lottie Dottie Chicken's lovely songs

@roadin · 21 votes and 3 comments
HUNT Score: 103.71 (Pending payout: $2.13 SBD)

9. FitToFit

advance fitness solution and coaching

@drmax · 22 votes and 5 comments
HUNT Score: 98.48 (Pending payout: $2.48 SBD)

10. AlcoTrack

Keep track of your alcohol consumption

@sumit71428 · 19 votes and 3 comments
HUNT Score: 88.83 (Pending payout: $2.12 SBD)

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