WeVu - A Video System Built For Active Learning And Not Watching

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A Video System Built For Active Learning And Not Watching


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Hunter's comment

WeVu is a video system that allows you learn with videos, it is useful for creating videos for Language learning, clinical skills, performing arts and presentations.

It is a good way for teachers, lecturers and professors to track that their student actually practice what they are taught by giving them video home works and telling them to share.

WeVu is a good video system that helps learners practice with videos and share secretly with their tutors.

It is for all types of learning and training through videos.


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Added to my favorites. This web service looks really neat and very educational. Another great hunt where we can learn. Cheers!

A great tool because it allows both recording of student speech and precise feedback through the annotation tool.Great Hunt

This is a great tool, especially in situations when there is no time to talk. Simple and a better way to learn skills.

A good platform for education and training. It's a good thing to do something in education and teach something in a subject that you know. It can be successful with free and quality trainings. Thanks

I don't like e-learnings, they are so boring but VeVu may be a great way for learning. Thanks for sharing. Perfect hunt.

Great Hunt @steemculture.

With WeVu, there's no better way to learn and have teacher and student interaction. Helps monitor projects and assignments.

Thanks for this.

I like the fact that it was built for active learning. You know that active learning is by far, more important than passive learning. Thanks for the hunt, it was very helpful to me!

This is wonderful! Instead of just wasting data watching videos, one can actually learn and improve as human by watching tutorial video. This is awesome! Nice hunt!

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This is wonderful. Edutainment is a fundamental way of learning. This is how humanity progresses.

Nice i like it and thank you for sharing this beautiful post with us

excellent, I think there is no better way to learn than practice.

A great tool . This is a fantastic way for students to review their own playing.

This will definitely facilitate learning and make teaching easier and more fun. It even goes as far as home work monitoring, this is good