Do you have Steem Power? Then you will be able to claim your HUNT Tokens now!

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Remember Byteball? This is better! ;-)

A few weeks ago @steemhunt announced their new platform Steemhunt is a product hunt platform on which gadget lovers can inform each other on cool new products, upvote, comment, share pro's and cons...

Next to the platform itself the @steemhunt team announced they aim to turn the platform into one of the first SMT's once Steemit Inc launches that huge functionality (which has now be announced to go fully LIVE in March 2019!). The SMT (Smart Media Token) is going to be called HUNT, and: Steem Power Holders are to profit massively from the project! As they say themselves:

A total of 500M HUNT tokens will be issued, and 250M tokens (50%) will be airdropped to Steemians - largest-ever airdrop for Steemit users. SMT-based HUNT tokens are to be distributed in a 1:1 ratio to the ERC20 tokens held by Steemhunt off-chain wallet owners and registered Ether addresses.

Because the SMT's are not live yet the airdrop is first done as an ERC20 token (on the Ethereum blockchain), which will be converted to the Steem Blockchain (however that is going to look like) once SMT's are launched in March.

So, in short: if you have SP, any amount of SP, you can now claim HUNT tokens!

Why would you want that?

Well, for one, HUNT is a token that you can get for free just because you've already earned some STEEM and who knows what you can buy with this 'free money' in the future. But two, and more importantly, I've come to realise the team is making something bigger, something exciting, something of an ecosystem in which you can both earn tokens and be able to spend those same tokens within that ecosystem! In one of their last posts they share they are creating at least two more platforms: Reviewhunt, where hunters can hunt for bounties, and Ideahunt, where you can spend your HUNT tokens on a Kickstarter-like platform!

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 17.36.19.png

Who doesn't like buying gadgets from coins they get for free?

I'm excited, for one, and if you are too after reading my post or the posts from @steemhunt themselves then here are the very simple steps to claim your HUNT tokens 1:1 with your current total (so delegations don't matter) Steem Power:


Step 1

Log in on - steemconnect will make sure you can log-in safe with your Steem Account

Step 2

Click on your avatar in the upper right corner and click on Wallet

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 17.27.06.png

Step 3

You'll see your current balance, which should be 0 if you've never upvoted, commented, 'hunted' before, or any number if you've been active on like me. Click SP CLAIM.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 17.29.19.png
[BTW, those weekly payouts you see in this screenshots are because I'm delegating 200SP to @steemhunt, one of the ways you can get HUNT Tokens!]

Step 4

You will see the percentage of HUNT tokens that are claimed and the amount you will be able to claim. Now, this screenshot is from day 1 of the airdrop since I just wanted to check this 'to do item' off my list. Currently about 9-10% are claimed. Some people are aiming to claim as late as possible because you might grow your Steem Power in the coming weeks which means you can claim more HUNT Tokens. Do what you think is best :-) You can only claim once! But since the @steemhunt team has told us they can almost cover all current vested Steem Power waiting is not a high-risk gamble, so if you're expecting a huge power up waiting might be worth it.

Click Claim HUNT Tokens

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 17.27.23.png

Et voila! They're in your account now.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 17.28.13.png

Next steps (optional, but fun!)

Enjoy looking at your HUNT balance, and take your time to explore the @steemhunt account,, the main website, and the new where they explain the full concept and roadmap!

You could also consider delegating to the @steemhunt account, they pay HUNT tokens to those who delegate weekly. You can create your own hunts, which might earn you a huge upvote from the very high SP @steemhunt account. You could also add some pro's and cons on some of the hunts other people are making, which also might earn you an upvote. Or upvote some of the product hunts - which earns you even more HUNT tokens! Many many possibilities I would say!

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This is really appreciated, I just claimed my tokens. I had heard of Steemhunt but had not researched it or the airdrop fully. Thank you for your help. Full upvote!


Glad I could inform you @infidel1258! Enjoy your tokens :D

Claimed!! Curious how this will work out as SMT. Not necessarily for my 700 sp and therefor HUNT tokens but more that steemit deserves a succesfull SMT!


Agreed girl! I'm impressed by how serious they have taken their job to create fair distribution of their SP and how they are finetuning their voting mechanisms - which will later be translated into the SMT algorithms. They seem to be a group of excellent people, so I have high hopes!

Resteemed — thx for info!


You’re welcome @thedamus! Enjoy your HUNT - and thanks for the resteem :-)

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Damn shame I don't really participate in the steemhunt community; this looks too good to miss out on though


Thats exactly what I was thinking!


:D If it looks too good to miss out on then... sometimes it's just too good to miss out on! :D


LOL! Yes, this is just a very clean and simple project with huge potential in my view! Enjoy claiming your tokens! :D

Hello @soyrosa, and nice to Steem you! :-) (por cierto, ¿eres hispanófona? :-p).

Thanks a lot for this review! As far as I remember, the Steemhunters also write articles about websites or blockchain-based projects, don't they?

I'm curious, by the way, regarding the ERC-20 to HUNT conversion (or "swap"). Will it cost us any gas? Do you know if a detailled " how to" has been published on this topic?

Keep up with the great work; from now on I'll follow you.


Hey @ijatz (no, no soy hispanófona, pero hablo Español un pocito ;-)), thanks for your comment! Yes, the steemhunters write about cool products, and that certainly contains websites or blockchain-based projects as well!

I've not yet seen any mention of GAS, but that might be the case indeed! Not sure how they will do 'the swap' - maybe with the date of the actual SMT's getting closer they will skip the Ethereum wallets all in all! But that's just an idea popping up in my head right now, I've not heard anything in that direction and/or done research on it.

Just keep an eye on the @steemhunt page and we'll see what happens next! :D


(And thanks a lot for the follow!)

Thank you , I will surly get with this hunt.


Yay! Good luck!

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Good stuff! I claimed mine last week, not sure what I am gonna do with them yet though haha


I would at least HODL them until they become tradable (and see what they're worth) and/or until they launch the IdeaHunt website where you can actually spend them on something cool!

You got 100.00% upvote from Yensesa. Thank you for your continues support of Yensesa Exchange and being a member of Yensesa Residual Income

Interesting :) Thank you @soyrosa, going to check it out right now! There's one thing I love more than crypto, and that's free crypto!


LOL! Same here! :D Glad you were made aware of this through my post!

I jumped on this airdrop a few days ago, I haven't posted anything Steemhunt but now often visit it to check out what cool things are shared, plus when you vote on a steemhunt post you get more steemhunt tokens so to me its a win win thing


Double tokens for the same effort! It’s kind of amazing if you think about it :D Glad you’re enjoying the platform! I love gadgets so I don’t mind browsing through the ‘hunts’ at all!

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@soyrosa Sounds like we're about the same some call me Inspector Gadget :)


Lol - two photographers loving gadgets - is there a correlation? ;-)


@soyrosa There could. Well be without a doubt LOL

Thanks for this post, I have claimed them, although the site is not clear to me yet.. meaning how it all exactly works.. but will look into that later :) thanks for sharing this anyway! Free stuff is always nice right haha <3


Awesome! :D Please ask me anything - you know where to find me! It's pretty straight-forward :-) But I'm here to help!

Just did it myself! :)



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thanks for this @soyrosa I have just claimed mine now xx


Awesome!!! Enjoy and let’s see where the project goes :-)

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Thank you for sharing. Now its your turn... get cracking on my contest ;-)


I'm so sorry I'm failing you @boyerobert! :'( I'll try to do better this week?! :D

Sweet!! This post helped me a lot, I was totally clueless on what I have to do <3 Thank you <3


YAY! Really happy to hear, that's why I wrote this post. It's a great opportunity to claim some coins that in the worst case are not that interesting to you - BUT will all be convertable to STEEM ;-)


You are brilliant <3 I had an account for a lil while, just didn't know what to do or how it works, didn't even know it is convertible to STEEM!
I am such a hubble-bubble & get flustered when I can't find information easy, bees in my butt & brain lol <3
SOOO, endless thanks for your valuable info <3
Huggins coming straight at ya <3