GPS Smartsole - The best wearable GPS tracking solution for those who wander

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GPS Smartsole

The best wearable GPS tracking solution for those who wander



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Hunter's comment

In todays modern world, security of our children is a must due to the heavy increase of crime rate in the world, most parents dont know where are there childs are going, if it goes to school, or it goes to a park.

Never worry again, in GPS Smartsole, you can track your children in an invicible way by which the GPS Tracker is just located at the shoe and it will then send a signal to the mobile app you have on your phone.

Amazing product ans New? Well come drop some comments :D



Hunter: @sonrhey

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While i understand the safety concern of parents regarding their kids and therefore think this is a good hunt, having seen so many trackers for kids, i wonder if this will lead to overcautious parents. Nonetheless, children safety is important and this is a useful hunt. Better than smartphone trackers or watch like wearables.

Wow this thing is so amazing!!!!!!!
I love it. I know how painful things can be as i faced missing siblings but this thing GPS Smartsole is perfect solution.
Amazing hunt!

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A way to monitor an adult or child who has behavior or memory issues discretely. A novel and definitely cool idea.

  • Discrete, not alerting the person monitored or others of its existence.
  • Modestly priced for a monitored system.
  • Child and adult sizing.
  • Different pricing options.
  • Will only work if shoes are on, so in a child could easily be left off.
  • Ongoing monthly costs.
  • Uncertain of life expectancy as use in a shoe could lead to wear and tear.
    Summary: One more option for someone who needs the safety of their location being monitored. Cool,

This smart sole indeed a great invention and innovation, totally salute the person who invented this. I really query on the comforts thou, but yeah indeed it's a great hunt.

With a build in GPS is really awesome especially young teenager kids. Parents can see the kids movement and area they go. Thanks for Sharing

This is indeed super useful in everything, you could use this as per your own interest or family security and other things. Thanks for sharing this bro.


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