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Your mental health companion



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Helsie is an app boosting your mental health. Say hello to your companion reminding you how beautiful you are. Helsie sends you a natural compliment every day. There is no sign up required and data is never leaving your device.




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My mental health is very weak. And these days my life is not going well. This corona sucks my life. I will join this app.

Health is wealth. Building up self-esteem through communicating with others helps one to remain sound in the mind. Nice hunt.

This looks like a fun way to start the day in a positive manner - either you receive a lovely compliment, or they send you a positive quote to lift you up.

This app caught my attention. It is good to feel accompanied and more give you cute compliments and this app does it all great hunting

One of the ways that you can stay healthy is when you know that somebody really cares and appreciates you. Helsie is welcome to launch us out to a great day.


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