EDIT - World’s 1st Modular Self-Driving Car for Maas

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World’s 1st Modular Self-Driving Car for Maas



Hunter's comment

Hello, You will be amazed by the name of my hunt "EDIT" Yes it is Edit the World’s 1st Modular Self-Driving Car for Maas. It allows you to easily embed several autonomous driving technologies from level 0 to 5.

It’s open & modular

and inside Look

Extremely customizable outside

a Self-Driving car for everyone:

Design Story:

'Edit' is intended for the future, five sections characterize the entire volume so everybody can undoubtedly have more setups of a similar vehicle both as far as utilize, style, and unmistakable quality. The goal was to make a "non frame", a clear sheet of paper, where individuals can build up their own thoughts. Since configuration must not be an inconvenience but rather an investment.




Hunter: @sohel-1


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i'm afraid we don't accept concepts that are not physically real, it needs to be 'touchable' ie made before we can list it so i'm afraid i have to delist this hunt.

Great ecological designed electric vehicle. I like the fact that more innovative company come to market and show us some good ecological friendly alternatives to the main stream cars. Very good Hunt!!!

Wao its awesome desigh its look like future car design . Nice hunt

@salmannaqvi I don't know your algorithm that you comment first Thanks for your kind words ,