Steam Controller - The Best Gaming controller

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Steam Controller

The Best Gaming controller



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Hunter's comment

Hey @sneakin here with another hunt. This is hunt is specially for those Who loves to play games, If you are a gamer, then you are at right place. Because i have found a Wonderful Controller that will gives you a premium Experience in your game life. The product is call Steam Controller.

The Steam Controller lets you play your entire collection of Steam games on your TV—even the ones designed without controller support in mind.


  • It contains Dual track pads .
  • It also contains Analog stick.
  • Can be connected to USB 2.0 ports.
  • It has multiplayer Capability.
  • You can configure Controls as you want.
  • It is available in wired as well as wireless mode.
  • Wireless Range is 5 meter.
  • 2 A A Battery included.
  • Battery Timing upto 80 hours.




Hunter: @sneakin

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  • Long Wireless Range
  • Long Battery timing.
  • Analog Stick
  • Multiplayer Capability.
  • Easy to handle


  • no

I love video games and have always bought play stations since my youth and nothing more comfortable for a player in their control since we spent hours and hours of play. I will investigate if it is sharable with the console of my liking

Well @sneakin


  • 80 hours battery timing is more than awesome
  • 5 meter wireless option enables one to play the games freely
  • double track makes one more relaxed and master to enjoy the games
  • There is a wire option, as some people like to play with wires, Wonderful
  • Game lovers always want multiplayer capacity and it is a perfect thing for such souls
  • Easy to understand


  • None for it

Battery life as 80 hours got my attention. Its a good controller and 5 meter distance is enough to play. Other features are also good so if you are a gamer you need to have one of it. Nice hunt thanks.

Pros :

  • it has a long battery life span
  • it has multiplayer capabilities
  • it is very portable
  • it has both analog and key button

Cons :

  • it has a short wireless range

Steam Controller or Steem Controller, that tis the question


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