Ownetic - A social platform for people with collecting passion

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A social platform for people with collecting passion



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Hunter's comment


Today I want to present you a product known as "Ownetic". You can think of it as a social media for people with a passion for collecting to showcase their collectibles and meet people of similar interests. People can use descriptions and adjustable parameters to describe the collectible that they have. You can meet like-minded people and build real connections based on common passion.

Ownetic is also a platform for the artist. It is a great place to manage works of art, describe them in appropriate data-fields, catalog them in different collections and present to the art-world. The networking aspect here is especially important, so more and more artists are joining Ownetic.

Future Plans

Very soon we will introduce Private Collections. If you want Ownetic’s power to organize your collection, but prefer to keep them private – that’s the feature to do so. E.g. use Ownetic only for managing your collection or to show your collection to selected friends at a nice dinner on your smartphone or tablet.


  • Show your collection - You can put up your collection on showcase for others to see.
  • Join the collecting community - Meet with other people who like to collect stuff.
  • Explore new collections - You can see other peoples collections
  • Organize your collection - You can organize your collections too.

Final Thoughts

This is a very cool product that you should definitely check out if you are interested in collecting stuff or seeing other people's collections.




Hunter: @sneakin


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Impressive Hunt, Your Hunt just got Verified!

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If you're a collector, I am sure that this platform could easily serve as an inspiration source for your collection and probably most importantly a great place to connect with other people with collecting passions as you. This could even lead to trades and maybe commune collections, very well designed.

Keep on hunting.

Collections are always fun to have. But the more fun lies in being inspired by that of others and being able to compete for the best.

I do love the social approach this takes to deal with collectibles one owns.

Thanks for the hunt...

Hello, your hunt is cool!
Here is my personal comment for your hunt:


  • Can reach people with similar interest
  • Easy to use with nice UI
  • Build connection with other people
  • A great platform to organize our art works


  • None

Great hunt! Thank you very much! Looking for your new hunt.


  • a unique and useful social platform

  • Show your collection - You can put your collection on a display so others can see it.

  • Organize your collection - You can also organize your collection.


  • none

It is a very cool platform for collection lovers. Because people can exchange their collections when they have dulplicates and speed up the time to collect the whole set of stuff. It is a very useful platform for them. But people always use facebook groups to do that.

I have come across some very good hunts today that appeal to me personally. This is definitely one of them. I used to collect things as a kid and now have an interest in watches. This could be useful. Here is my review -

  1. Connect with fellow collectors
  2. Find other interests
  3. Find collectibles
  4. Manage collections
  5. Ability to expand userbase further

Cons - none, apps are a great thing, if you dont like it, uninstall at no cost. No cons.


hello, @sneakin I am @tornad I like and upvote your hunt It is a good platform which is an easy way of sharing and organizing our collectibles online. and it is Very intuitive, fast and mobile-friendly. There is alot of parameters to describe every single item, clean UI, easy to create an item or collection



  • a very useful social platform

  • can gather to showcase their collections and meet people with similar interests.

  • Browse new collections - you can view other people's collections


  • none

Ownetic seems to look like another cool platform for marketing of products , ... It will bring about connection with people who are interested in similar products ... Nice hunt here ..

Thumbs up


  • Just found this one few days before and got connected with those people who love to collect old coins
  • I had been looking for such social media platform where I can also share my collectables with others
  • It is a great way to enter and remain in the world of antique pieces


  • not really, it is something very good

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