HARINACS - The Staple less Staplers

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The Staple less Staplers



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Hey @sneakin here with another hunt. This is hunt is specially For Every one :P Because in our life We all use Stapler to Staple some papers or bunch of papers. Some time Stapler can cause some damage, Like we could damage our hand or other parts of the body due to pins we use to staple. Today I'm here with an amazing Stapler Which Doesn't need Pins to staple pages. Watch the Video To know how it's works. There are three size available of Harinacs in the market.

  • Mediam
  • Small

Small Harinacs Can staple Almost 5 pages.
Mediam__Harinacs__ CAn Staple upto 8 pages.
And the Press type Harinacs can staple upto 5 pages, but the thing to know here is, it don't make hole in the paper.




Hunter: @sneakin


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Amazing Hunt!
Our modern life is full of the advancements. Who knew we will have this stapler without staples. I didn't know about this and good to see this.


It is great this stapler, very easy to use, its design is very comfortable and safe, we do not save other items such as staples and sacagrapas; ideal for the office and perfect for children in school so avoid getting injured with traditional staplers, excellent. Congratulations. I want one😉


Hi @sneakin,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Amazing hunt @sneakin i never saw like this before. I work everyday with staples and sometimes its annoying to remove them. This one is really good idea to bind a few papers. Indeed for more paper you need staples but in any instance its great product. Thanks for sharing it

I like the idea vey much. Its great solution and environmentally friendly. Must be used by many companies. Thanks for sharing

Nice Product, It's really useful for office work
Thanks for sharing

Awesome staplers,, good for business especially those that do cyber cafes


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