Fabric 3.0 - The story of your life that writes itself

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Fabric 3.0

The story of your life that writes itself



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Hunter's comment


Fabric 3.0 is a new social media type platform that allows you to store your life in form of pictures. It catches picture as you go, places you go and the people you meet. It has a great UI and some other key features. It has a private feature that allows you to only allow certain people to see your images. This app makes it super easy for you to keep track of your images and build your story/life as you go.


Here are some key features of this platform that will convince you to use this.

  • Easy To Use
  • Great UI
  • Cool Options
  • Awesome Team
  • Constantly Updating

Final Thoughts

It is a cool app and the team behind it is very hard to add new features and improving the app day by day. The latest version features an editable timeline, shared moments, and a search engine for your life. I think you should definitely check it out and see for yourself if you like or not. If you like Instagram then you will like this as well because it is very similar to that.




Hunter: @sneakin


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