Coplays - Makes your coaching easier with modern tools

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Makes your coaching easier with modern tools



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Are you a coach, if the answer is yes then this might be for you. Coplays is a new coaching app for Hockey, Soccer, Floorball and Basketball. With this app, coaches can create new exercises, modify existing ones or create a one. Exercises can easily be shared with players on the go so they can perform them. This app is perfect for coaches and it is quite unique. The overall UI is also great, allowing you to easily create cool exercises for your team. Never let your team lose again!


  • Works on all device (PC, Tablet, Mobile)
  • Easily allows us to create awesome exercises
  • Check out built-in exercises to get new ideas
  • Easily allows us to share the exercises with the players
  • Allows us to easily get feedback and communicate
  • Allows us to archive everything

Final Thoughts

This is a well made app with very cool features. If you are a coach then this is a must have app. Let's see whether there are some coaches in the community. Let me know what you think!



Hunter: @sneakin

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If you want to have the most progress in the shortest amount of time, you need a coach, that's for sure. But, until now, the tools coaches had to teach were kinda limited, but this seems like a great service for them. I'm really looking forward to seeing this or a similar service that can empower another kind of coaches, besides the sports ones.

Keep on hunting.


  • Works on all devices (PC, Tablet, Mobile)

  • very helpful

  • easy to use


  • none

those are the sort of apps you assume are out there but until someone tells you about them you don't see -- i'd love to be a coach of a team! maybe of roller skating ninjas!


  • Compatible with all devices
  • Easy to use
  • It has a simple structure


  • None


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