Chalk Drawers - Chalk toys that make circles, lines or dots

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Chalk Drawers

Chalk toys that make circles, lines or dots


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Hunter's comment

These are toy chalks that would give you nice designs. These are series of three chalks that would make you re-imagine the way you draw.

You can make a dot drawing, line drawing, and circle drawing using these chalk drawing series.

The chalk drawers are architectural drawing toys made entirely out of chalk. They are designed to create original patterns that are geometrically precise. source

These chalk toys have specific drawing abilities. The line, circle and dot are the three fundamental building blocks of drawing and these chalk toys would give you these designs.

The chalk toys can be used to draw cool aesthetics designs. Both kids and adults can make awesome drawings with these chalk toys.

Visit the link above for more details.

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Hunter: @smyle

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Great hunt @smyle..!!
This chalk are very amazing...
You can design what do you want with this cool chalk..
Thank you for sharing..

This is cool.
With the help of Chalk Drawers,there is no much worry about how to get a straight line draw with eclipse design also.

These kinds of toys will be useful for improving kids's creative skills. I would like to have one, if I had kids. Thanks for sharing.

I remembered my childhood phase when we take a chalk and draw on the board. You have shared very good hunt.

  • Good For Designing
  • You can draw aesthetics designs too


  • Pros.

best chalk to draw.

different kinds of drawing.

both for kids and adults.


  • Cons.

no one.


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