Robin Hood Legends - A game of Puzzles that will put your ingenuity to the test

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Robin Hood Legends

A game of Puzzles that will put your ingenuity to the test



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Hunter's comment

If you like Puzzles games, you will love it, since it is composed of 4 stages that will make you addicted to Robin Hood Legends.

  • In this game you will have to mix and match objects to strengthen the town more and more.
  • You will also have to save on numerous occasions the inhabitants of the evil Sheriff of Nottingham
  • You have to collect gold and objects to rebuild the castle to re-establish order in Sherwood Forest.

It is available on all mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Amazon) and is completely free.



Hunter: @simonaurelio

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Excellent application @simonaurelio the download 2 days ago and I loved it, then I will leave my personal opinion about this game.


  • It is not a typical game of Puzzles since it brings other 4 game modes in one.
  • Recreates the story of Robin Hood in a didactic and very entertaining way.
  • You can play without Internet connection and it is not very heavy compared to other games without an Internet connection.
  • Its graphical interface is very good and easy to play, even for new players.


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Thanks, but look for the product before publishing it and it did not appear. I think your search system is wrong. In the same way thank you for your quick review I will try to look better next time.