Worx Landroid M - Smartest Robotic Grass Mower

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Worx Landroid M

Smartest Robotic Grass Mower



Hunter's comment

Introducing "Worx Landroid M" is a Worx Landroid's smart Lawn Cutting Mower Robot. This smart mower covers Up to 1200m2 area for you garden grass cutting.

Key Features

  1. Cut-To-Edge
  2. Plug'n'Play.
  3. Wi-Fi Connectivity.
  4. Brushless motors


  1. Battery type Li-Ion
  2. Charging time: 1.5 hrs.
  3. Battery Voltage 20 V
  4. mowing with one charge: 40 to 60 min.
  5. Size: 542x401x236mm.
  6. Weight: 8.8 kg.




Hunter: @shoaib721


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Great hunt @shoaib721!

It's nice to see this type of mowers, you have more free time to relax while an AI does the work for you.


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i think we just entered the age of the AI mowers :laugh:
time for me to hunt one too

I like a smart lawn mower. can ease homework. good hunting


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