Antaa - Share your wishlists, see your family's, friends' wishlist

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Share your wishlists, see your family's, friends' wishlist



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Antaa App lets you create and share your wish lists with your friends, family, loved ones. Antaa makes it easy to share gifts between friends and family. It is very easy to build your own wish list and add items from websites, photographs, e-mail, or online stores. You can both share your wish list and see their wish lists.


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Online shopping should be more fun this way and entire family can make one Wishlist.

This is a really nice app that will share your wish list to your friends and family so they can easily bought things that you like most

fabulous hunt... antaa make easy for everyone to know your family or friends wishlist and vice versa... good initiative to complete everyone's wishlist..
thanks for sharing..
keep hunting...

Combined way to get sync in wishlist and it should be easy to prepare and buy altogether.

I like to use this for sure. thanks for sharing.


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