Bitbns - India's biggest and leading Cryptocurrency exchange

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India's biggest and leading Cryptocurrency exchange



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Hi Hunters, Today We will hunt an Indian Cryptocurrency exchange called Bitbns. Bitbns is India's leading versatile Crypto exchange with unbeatable featues.

The exchange was launched on December 14, 2017 by young, enthusiastic and strong believers in blockchain and crypto space all graduated from IIT. Though the exchange is not much old, they have achieved some great milestones in Indian Crypto space. Currently they have 67 digital assets for trading.

Bitbns (think 'BITcoin Buy N Sell') is the fastest and easiest way to trade any digital coin


Thank you All for giving me your precious time and effort.


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Thank youuu ! :)

With the govt regulation on crypt trading in India, I am not sure, how they are able to allow people to withdraw / deposit from their bank account. Probably they should have clarified that, because RBI already restricted all such companies trading with crypt, to avail any financial service from banks.


Dear RBI has not restricted any company doing in cryptos. RBI can only restrict banks. So banks are not involved directly with such companies for fiat deposit withdraw. All the exchanges using p2p method for fiat transactions and it is 100% safe.


Bitbns is not against of RBI, in fact, RBI doesn't even understand the core principle of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. However, you can deposit/withdraw using P2P via UPI. I'm already using it, and it's a piece of cake.


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