ioCamper - The Transportable Folding Apartment

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The Transportable Folding Apartment



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Hunter's comment

Without any extra modification now with the help of ioCamper you can modify your van to a MotorHome.

DO you believe that you can convert your van into Motorhome... ?

Here I am presenting a great idea after getting a deep research. In which the campaigner and the man who have gave the life to this awesome idea. He says...
We made an answer for change any van to a MotorHome without mechanical adjustment on the van. Put the ioCamper into a van's load and that is it. The ioCamper extends to 4 times to its unique size, utilizing your cell phone (or any wi-fi empowered gadget) as the remote. It is enough for 4 individuals and also it gives with 4 full size beds, kitchen, restroom with latrine, feasting zone, cooling, sunlight based power supply, drove lights etc.

Here is a very Useful Video to understand more about ioCamper:



Hunter: @shaanivc

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I definitely love it. What a great hunt. Perfect for adventurers who still want comfort...!


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It has enough space for 3 or more person. It seems easy to fold it out, also it has almost everything that you need at home. Bigger than a caravan. It can make your holiday easy to stay with more people.

iocamper is a technologically advanced. The importance of these things is much easier to make the world easier. Through this you can get help easily. Many beautiful Hunter.

This is a very cool product, but it comes with major ifs:
-- If it ever gets to the production phase
-- If it is affordable
-- If you have a full sized van in which to put the module
-- If it works as promised

Then it will be a very cool product. As for now it is really in the dream phase. Cool though.

Well, ioCamper looks like more luxury than the flat I live in, LoL, Thanks for sharing. Awesome hunt.

This can be ideal solution for the places that you need to stay longer and with more people. After bringing it you need to fold it out. Stability is important of cource so you need to balace it. Good choice to stay in it.

It's very nice idea! I really like camping since it gives us to get in touch with nature and it's very relaxing. I really like it. Thank you for sharing a nice product!

you like to camp with this mobile home you will be comfortable you can put what you want for agusto and thus enjoy your trip to the fullest with the

It must be a nice experience to stay in such apartment. Its easy to make it ready to live and it takes not much time. Has every thing and also enough space. I love it.

It's a mobile home that you can install easily. Placing it wherever you want makes it more interesting. If you have large family it must be enough to stay in it.

I like the technology that used in this camper. It has touchscreen TV which controls most things in it. Also with wireless connection you can control it with your smartphone. Its really good and i would like to have something like this.

I like the idea folding apartment very much. You can make enough space to have comfortable home feeling. Only negative thing is that you need vechile for it so it makes the choice difficult. There are mobile homes which makes them easier to bring anywhere.

The usage of the technology on such things are the point that I interest. They have build a handy thing and made it as a smart home with lights and other things. Its a nice project and I hope they can produce it.

unnamed (1).gif
Your Hunt Is Wonderful


  • It's transportable.

  • It can be use for camping and in long distance journey.

  • It has large capacity for couple, which means it can be used for honey moon.

Thanks for posting on the steemhunt. Keep up with your wonderful hunt.

Really Excellent Hunting @shaanivc as usual.


An amazing product for camping
And great features like Portable & Transportable Folding Apartment. With the help of this product and modifications our van into motor home or camper home. Great idea to convert van into motor home included every facility in home we can enjoy. Cool Hunting so stay hunting such useful projects.

Awesome hunt my friend!I like camping life very much and this product is very good for my weekends!Easy to install.I love it.

The transportable folding apartment idea is really good and every family wants to have such thing for holiday periods. You can move it to the place that you like and has enough space for your whole family.

Most lovable ioCamper @shaanivc

Really It looks a very good product. If we have our own van, then we can turn into a motorhome. Your idea is great, I liked

Awesome hunt! best of luck

waoo stunining Hunt ,I love it,this ioCamper looking like a perfect home .we can use ioCamper in holiodays we only need five or ten minits to set the apartment.

ioCamper is a ideal solution for the places that we need to stay longer with families friends and society. When we are on journey , we can still feel at home and consider our self to be in home.I love ioCamper because its a unique idea.

Nice hunt!!

  • Who doesn't want a movable or transportable house.
  • The house is expandable.
  • It is fully equipped with kitchen and latrine.
  • Wifi controlled.


  • None for this hunt.

It is awesome motorhome. I want to buy it and try to holiday with ioCamper.
It has high technology and simple. I love it so much.
Thanks for your great hunt!

Its really interesting to see the possibility that you can have a camper like this. Its a good idea but the car that you carry it has no place for more people to travel with. Most of the cars like this has totally 2-3 places. So if you have a bigger family than it will be problem. Maybe thay should build caravan version.

I like this product it gives you more space while you are camping. You can stay there with your all family. Also its combined with the technology and it became a smart home. Thanks for the hunt.

What an innovative idea this is and you can easily convert it to 4 individuals and easily assemble into a van. How cool this is. GREAT for travelers.

this product is very cool ,ioCamper Is looking like a mini home.
when we are on vocation or holidays spent out of town ioCamper is affordable than a booking hotel room

Tools like this that will make it easier for a person or group to go camping in the open, very practical and efficient.

I always would like to have a transportable Folding Apartment, I hope I will have ioCamper in the future. Great hunt.

Never thought that the technology could reach such a level, it is a good idea to take our apartment to any part unarmed and to arm the good hunting

Pretty good idea to use the space in the van ultimately like this. My only concern is the mechanical parts can be weak cause there are many. But definitely it is worth to support this project. Great hunt!

I love this way of living without any boundaries and stuff and I really want to live like that but I dont think I can achieve that in era probably Im not capable enough :(

This house is highly portable and convenient. You can live in anywhere by carrying this around the world.

At first glance it seems an ordinary remorque but seen more closely is a great innovation this fantastic excellent hunting

I really love this. For people who loves to travel, it'll be perfect fir them. No need to hassle around looking for a hotel to stay in or setting up a camp. You can park it anywhere where it is allowed and just enjoy the environment that you have chosen. This great.

Hi @shaanivc,

Camping is not a tough thing now for many people like me around the world. People like me need sort of specific comfort zone. ioCamper is a perfect example of that luxurious hunt that actually gives calmness of home even in a jungle. One can easily stay in those places where life does not exist and can enjoy the stay in a very functional way.

Superb idea and an awesome hunt indeed :)

Hi @ shaanivc, super practical product and hunting.
It can not be easier!
In the vans of the appropriate size, put the ioCamper.
The camper slze 4 times more than the initial one.
The app on smartphone and setup, is almost in a short time while.
Really practical.

This will make us feel at home when we're camping or travelling.
We only need 5 - 10 mins to set the apartment, so it's quite flexible.

This is something have not seen before. To have an apartment that can be folded will be awesome


  • Space for four people.
  • The energy is through the solar light.
  • It's 4 times bigger.
  • It is installable in any van.
  • It is easy to install


  • Any

This is so cool. Even when you are on a journey or somewhere else, you can still feel at home and consider yourself to be home.

Wish you best in your next hunt

This is a good option for camping as one can pack a mini-home into a van that could be carried anywhere.
Very good hunt.

Love it! Can you say freedom! Nice lil' design as well. It's all one really needs.

It has all the features for a luxury camping, I guess I would like to live in it. Awesome hunt.

I never believe this can be existing, what a movable home. Its so nice and lovely. It will be useful much while one want to emback in short journey that won't stay long.


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