Auto Diagnosis Assistant (ADA) - World's first Internet of Things (IoT) Robotic Slide Holder

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Auto Diagnosis Assistant (ADA)

World's first Internet of Things (IoT) Robotic Slide Holder



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Having a Pathological facility in remote areas is still a distance dream, and diagnosis of a disease is only possible, with pathology tools and a pathologist. To deal with such a situation Alexapath has come up with this tool that can be used for accurate medical diagnosis.

ADA(Auto Diagnostic Assistant) is an IOT and WiFi enabled Robotic Slide Holder which can be fitted into a standard microscope and convert it into a dynamic imaging tool. Then this along with mWSI Live (another tool from Alexapath) can make it possible to share the image of the slide in real time to connect to Medical Consultants across the Globe, to diagnose the disease.

Alexapath has already raised some funding and is planning to produce 2000 such devices. They will be extremely helpful in emergency conditions. In fact the idea of these tools came to the founder of Alexapath while working in Haiti after the massive earthquake that shocked the Latin American country in 2010.



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Great hunt @sanmi. Also the explanation you provided help me to understand more about the product. I like the product

  • easy to setup
  • portable
  • Wifi Enabled

Great hunt my friend.
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