AI-Chatbot - AI which identifies the problem and helps to solve it

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AI which identifies the problem and helps to solve it



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This leading‐edge Conversational AI technology proactively assists and engages customers.
And, you can fully‐own and control this self‐service solution.src

Quite an innovative AI technology for human conversation. It will stimulate and reflect the chat with humans. It might be used in specialist areas, for example, consultant areas and call centers, etc. Because it can handle repetitive questions in a well-mannered way.


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We are going to see a lot more of them over the next two years.

This technology is going to really affect call center jobs. However, it is all part of progress. We are going to see AI related things affect a lot of jobs.

hehe, i do agree with Karamyog lol i am still laughing. And my opinion about this hunt is it sure an innovative idea and this AI chatbot can be used at various points so this is actually cool

May be we should have one for steem marketing :)

That pic is why I don't like chatbots. The woman clearly asked 'how much money do i have'. The bot is like 'do you want to know your account status?', after telling her it is there to help with the account. I want a bot that can say - 'download our app, and stop wasting my time with stupid questions'. That's is the way to enlighten customers.

hhahaah lol always on point XD

😁 thank you for appreciating the humour.

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Artificial intelligence is changing the way to have conversation and its cost effective too. Now when we don't have manpower then this is helpful and can answer many questions and provide support. Nice Hunt

Hi hunter,

Thanks for your contribution. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

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It's a good hunt, AI is getting better and would snatched his a lot of jobs from human. Well, this app is great for conversing with customers cool

Artificial Intelligence is progressing and successfully use as a chatbot. It's one of the cheapest way of dealing customers in call center.Although it's cost effective and save a lot of time and efforts but it will increase unemployment. Nice hunt

It’s a welcome to the future type of technology. It’s astonishing how quickly AI learning is accelerating.

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