Virtual Encyclopedia - Stimulate the desire for knowledge in children

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Virtual Encyclopedia

Stimulate the desire for knowledge in children



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Hunter's comment

Teach kids in an interesting way, lessons through virtual reality. Reading texts and imagining things will not bring a real effect on kids. Let them see and experience the lessons in a safe way through modern technology. Let them keep the textbooks away.

Kids see and feel the unknown worlds, they will completely be immersed in the lessons and will grasp things in a great way. They never get bored with lessons instead they will look for more classes.


Deep understanding of school subjects
An unforgettable experience
Increasing interest in learning
Access to VR technologies
No harm to kids' eyes!

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What an amazing way to teach kids. I'm sure this is most powerful kind of learning lesson through Virtual Reality. More allowing children's to enhance their learning skills.

great review. thank you!

Wao the knowledge rich encyclopedia in virtual reality. Learning and fun at the same time.
So innovative:)

One of the best way of making learning easier for kids. Indeed it will entertain kids and kids would love to learn with VR. Nice hunt

Oh my, I don't really mind being a kid all over again just to enjoy this. I'm getting 2 headsets for myself and my kid and we are gonna learn together. Cool hunt!

Virtual reality is no doubt is the technology of future, so it is necessary for us to teach our kids about it from their childhood, and tell them how it works, Virtual encyclopedia could be the best option available in the market.

Of course... thank you

VR is the new age technology that makes learning fun and intercative and good for kids as they learn with fun without gettin bored. Nice Hunt

thank you for the nice review..!

Great Hunt! Today's kids are very lucky because they are getting benefits and facilitating with the help of advanced technology and especially in the field of education like learning things with Virtual reality to gain more knowledge and learn with interest nice hunt


  • outstanding experience.
  • a better way to understand.
  • Increase kids interest in learning.
  • Safe way


  • non


Truly amazing , hope this thing will be available in my language soon , I will wait for it . I upvote this great hunt

It will come in all languages, these types of technologies will be the future. thank you!

This is what I'm talking about! Immersive learning is really the way to go and what can be better than introducing a virtual encyclopedia to kids instead of the paper based boring one. Cool!

thank you... kids will learn more interestingly...

I liked this hunt very much because its so good to learn for kids and I can try this for kid and I am sure he can learn a lot through interactive way. Superb hunt. thanks for sharing.

thank you...good day

The cost of a ticket starts at 1.5 €

Looks like its affordable as well.

yes, it seems to be... good day

Look at you go! Well done, your post has been cleared for liftoff--Keep it up Hunter!

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Great hunt, very cool tool for kids. Learning, done immersive ways is known to be more effective. Making something more enjoyable will automatically draw more interest from kids.

thank you and agree with you... ;) good day!

I believe books are better cause they enhance children's imagination . But we live in VR era..

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cool. thank you


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