PumPiX - The Wearable Sanitizing Dispenser

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The Wearable Sanitizing Dispenser



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This Spiderman like gadget is a stylish sanitizing dispenser. Just with the push of a button, you can sanitize your hands and also small things around you used to touch in common life when you are in public.

This is sleek, comfortable, and lightweight at an affordable price. Unisex and suitable for all ages. Once filled you can get more than a hundred pumps to sanitize.

After touching the elevator button, a grimy door handle at the supermarket, or your phone’s touch screen, or money clean those nasty germs, your companion in the battle against illness.




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In the era of COVID-19 panademics it is important to sanitize your hand after some time. But it is difficult to perform such activities regularly. PumPiX is a good solution for safety conscious people. It will ease their life. Great hunt

Great and innovative find. Corona days are going and everyone use sanitizer continuously to save his self from corona virus. It is very easily attached to our wrist and use it.

yes, adnan now we are in sanitizing period, this will help everyone to be safe when they are in outdoor. thank you.

Sanitization through wearable device is cool concept. Certainly useful..

Sanitization is must needed this time for safety and control of virus spread . Nice Hunt

What a great and amazing hunt. You can valuable product now a days because everyone use senitizer and save our and others life. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

You are welcome..asad, we have to take care, this will help. thank you

Wow! What a great product you have searched. I have seen many types of products like this but this is so good as we can wear it and carry it to anywhere. Great Hunt!

thank you arvind...

I love this type of sanitizer. Wearable one. It will help to quickly deal with the virus in no time. Nice search for steemhunt.

The "spiderman" quality of this dispenser means it is ideal for school children around age 7 to 10. This way they get to sanitise their hands regularly in a cool fun manner! Nice find.

yes images.jpg it is fun to use...thank you.


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