Otto Sphere - Thousands of $$ worth gym equipment in one fitness product

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Otto Sphere

Thousands of $$ worth gym equipment in one fitness product



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The perfect home gym workout solution. In one equipment you can have multiple tools for your workout.
A whole gym is in this portable Otto Sphere home fitness product.
Over 400 types of excercises can be done in a small place, there is no need to go to a gym for specialzed tools.

Along with fitness and strenthening excercises, Otto Sphere is helpful in mastering stabilize and balancing. Perfect balancing and controll practice for every body is possible.

Watch the Demo.



Hunter: @sabari18

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Ohh wow .... great tool for exercise, all in one package. Dont have to pay monthly gym fee now .. thanks for sharing this kind of products. Cheerss


thank you @veenang. for the one and only review in this hunt. thank you so much :)


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thank you mod