Klassen Luxury MVD_9037 - Super Luxury Van with a VIP Business Lounge

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Klassen Luxury MVD_9037

Super Luxury Van with a VIP Business Lounge


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Hunter's comment

The VIP Luxury Vans from a very well known luxury car conversion company, KLASSEN, enable you to do your work comfortably and in a luxurious environment on the road. The interior can be designed and equipped to your preferences.

With more than 20 years of experience, KLASSEN can develop a unique design for the first-class vans. I've hunted this awesome vehicle because it can be utilized for business or leisure.

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  • Telephone and video conferencing can be carried out
  • You can watch the latest news or movies with the 32" LED TV
  • Surfing the internet
  • KLASSEN® Remote System can be conveniently controlled via the iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini
  • With the specially developed daylightsky, you can work in good lighting conditions




Hunter: @rtytf2


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I have approved it :)

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What a super nice car it is!
Honestly I don't want to work even in the car but can do gladly in this car, with all those remote system and luxurious interior.
Thanks for your cool hunt :D

I love this luxurious var. Awesome design and features. What a great car! Thanks for the hunt.

Wow what a great car with awesome interior and designs. I wish to cruise in one of this because I believe it will be a fun trip. Perfect hunt you got here

It is an excellent car that shows that cars are no longer just used as transportation.
It's great to be able to work comfortably and comfortably in a running car and relax.