Zero Multi-Power Supply - Adjustable power supply for use in electronic projects

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Zero Multi-Power Supply

Adjustable power supply for use in electronic projects



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Today I have found a great product for developers, makers and those who want to start electronic. Zero Multi-Power Supply is a new breadboard power supply for electronic projects. Up to 24 V 1.25V with super wide output capability.

Can easily be plugged into a bread board with multiple inputs and multiple outputs and providing 1.25V-24V outputs. It has a unique positioning feature that easily connects to virtually any standard board and provides power. It's a great product that will be very useful for anyone interested in electronics.

Depending on your needs and requirements, 4 types of inputs can be used:
Micro USB in :5V
Mini USB in:5V
DC3.5 in:5-12V
DC5.5 in:5-12V

Power Switch: Main control(Wide range & Adjustable(1.25V-24V)).
Press Switch:1-Fixed 3.3V,2-Way Adjustable(1-5V).

Multi Output:
1-Fixed 3.3V
2-Way Adjustable(1-5V) output
1-Way Wide range & Adjustable(1.25V-24V)(Marked as 6-24V).



Hunter: @rtonline

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  • Multiple entry and exit.
  • Output 1.25V-24V.
  • Entry of 4 types.
  • Ignition switch.
  • Breadboard X 1PCS


  • Any


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