VOLARE - Sleeping system for a comfortable and wonderful journey

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Sleeping system for a comfortable and wonderful journey



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The passengers traveling by air or bus knows the seats are not very disturbing and comfortable. It is usually not possible to sleep, and those who travel a lot with the plane and the bus complain in back pain.

The standard head and neck cradles that are usually used on airplanes or buses are not suitable for everyone. It can also be disturbing most of the time.

Volare is a great sleeping system that everyone can use and is suitable for everyone. Put Volare in your seat and enjoy your journey. Your back will fit perfectly and provide you with a comfortable journey. Your health is also very important. Frequent travelers will be relieved of back pain complaints.

In short, Volare is a great product for you to make a healthy and comfortable journey.




Hunter: @rtonline


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Clever hunt for those who travel a lot, and have to endure long journeys.

Looks super useful @rtonline. My biggest problem with long travel time is that i can't sleep on a plane/train/bus. It is very uncomfortable and i haven't seen a decent product to target that, except maybe business class:). So this definitely intelligent design and seems like a solution for mankind's perennial travel problem.

Great, good product adds comfort to those long trips, in addition to being light and easy to transport. Congratulations!

This is a good way to pass the night with a comfortable sleep while on a journey. The important support is that of the head, it's always pissing to have it dangling around while trying to get a sleep.

Hi, @rtonline, Cool Hunt
Here is my opinion about your product.


  • It will makes long trips more easier for body to handle.
  • It basically uses an extra soft material that feels better and softer & offers optimal comfort.
  • It supports the proper alignment of neck. Secondly, it always returns to its original shape regardless of how often user use it.
  • It also help peoples to fall asleep with maximum comfort during the flight.


  • There is nothing negative to say about this product overall a unique and useful sleeping system.

Normally I can't sleep in plane but having this one can prevent neck pain after a long journey. Other stuff are noy helping I tried self and also heard from many friends. If its price is affordable i can think about to purchase one

this product seems to me excellent and very practical when traveling, we are always uncomfortable to rest and with this product we can sleep better and comfortable, it is a very good idea put into practice, excellent friend

Wow, this is definitely something I want to buy because I really think it's the perfect companion for when we go on a trip because for anybody it's a secret how uncomfortable some trips can be. A gadget that in its simplicity offers us great utility.

Nice hunt.


  • Its seats relieve lumbar pain, head and neck.
  • Design pending and the use of premium high-density natural memory foam (phycocyanin, astaxanthin) and proteins.
  • Provides security.


  • Any.

This is an @aboutindonesia opinion on VOLARE



  • Very useful for resting in a car or bus while traveling
  • Prevents pain in the neck
  • Suitable for all people when using it

I can never sleep, when I travel, so travelling is always tiring for me. Volare would be perfect for me. Great hunt.

I tried also different neck pillows and indeed i had pain after travelling. This one seems really good since it stables your head. Great solution for those traveling a lot. Thanks for the hunt

A great solution for those who have to travel a lot and never find a comfortable enough pillow.

Great Hunt, @rtonline !

This is very useful pillow for those who travel, especially those who travel a lot... I will reccomend this to my boyfriend, he is traveling a lot from work, plus he is having neck problems. Great hunt! :)

This is a excellent job.By using this our body begins to relax.I think this is the most advanced travel comfort and sleep system


Wow, This is the great innovation for all passengers, we will enjoy our journey and feel be comfortable all the time during travel. I really like that to having this chair on my car or traveling bus. Superb Hunt👍

Volare is an incredible solution to stay comfortable during long journeys. It's an amazing hunt to introduce this amazinh product on such amazing platform of Steemhunt.

This product is an extraordinary invention for travellers comfort and care. By using Volare journey can be fun and entertainment while being in so comfort. Graet hunt!


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