Sense - Monitor the energy used in your home or workplace

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Monitor the energy used in your home or workplace



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Sense is an energy monitor. You can monitor how much energy is being used in your home or workplace and the activities of all devices connected to the electricity.

Even if you're out there, you can still watch it on your smartphone. For example, when the garage door was opened, when it closed you can monitor it from your smartphone. You can keep track of the opening time and the closing time of all devices.

It will be great to know how much electricity is consumed by which devices. In addition, this information will give you a detailed report to save you money.
Of course, it is important in your safety, you can monitor the devices that are open while you are out. You will also have information about activities in your home.

You can add a solar sensor to your existing Sense monitor.



Hunter: @rtonline

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This is for someone who is budget conscious like me. I think it's cool to be able to estimate your consumption without having to calculate a thing and just viewing the figures in an app in your phone. That's something genius! Good product and good find!

Hi @rtonline,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

By monitoring the energy consumed at home, you can know exactly how much is the consumption of each appliance in your home, with this you will know how you can save on electricity consumption, this will save a lot of money, plus you can see the energy activities in your house when you are outside of it, and you can control them. this hunting in addition to saving energy will help prevent
accodentes excellent hunting

It is a tool that we can see the power consumption of devices connected to the enterprise and adjust our budget. In general, we can monitor each activity on the smartphone. We can find and replace over-energy-consuming devices and contribute to the home economy.

Great idea for those who have limit in electricity budget. And I like the idea that it can connect to your devices and can monitor anytime and anywhere :) I want this one in our house

We should be very careful with the amount of energy we use, not because of its cost and also for environment. Great hunt.

Great hunt @rtonline! In the UK, utility companies had launched smart meters. However, it didnt tell how much energy each device was consuming. This is a great tool to know that, and use energy efficient appliances.

It is perfect idea to monitor the energy used, I guess everybody need Sense to see how unnecessary they use energy. Great hunt.

Electricity bills can be quite expensive in some environments and with this product I guess this can be reduced as user will get to monitor the amount of energy used

We are living in the world where energy is very important. To run/operate every things need energy. It is important to keep in check energy utilization. Sense is a great gadget which keeps in check energy utilization by efficient monitoring. Great hunt

This will help in monitoring the level of energy consumption in home even while not at home. This will as well help us to know the exact appliances that consume energy more at home.

Nice hunt you brought


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