Feel Three - Modular and customizable virtual reality motion simulator

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Feel Three

Modular and customizable virtual reality motion simulator



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Hunter's comment

Feel Three: Virtual Reality Motion has incredible range of motion. It is also a modular and customizable simulator. Compatible with many new and old games.

It has a very good design, you can adjust according to your own.

Many motion simulators used are expensive, have more control, take up more space, are heavy, and have difficulty in setting up. But Feel Three has a different design and structure. Feel Three is designed only for virtual reality headphones. Installation is very easy. Also just add the controls you need to play the game. And it gives you a wide range of motion. And it's much cheaper than other motion simulators.

In short, enter the game and enjoy the game. You will have great game experiences.




Hunter: @rtonline


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In addition to gaming, this device is also great for flight or driving simulators for budding pilots or race car drivers. Nice hunt!

Waoool! @rtonline yuu have done a great job👍👍

  • Feel Three is a very nice product and has beautiful design
  • it is affordable
  • its design only for virtual reality headphones
  • its very easy to install

Happy hunting👏

Cool, almost like a Ready Player One movie! nice hunt @rtonline


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