Dragon Hills 2 - ¡Aquí estamos otra vez! ¿Te acuerdas de nuestra chica?

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Dragon Hills 2

Here we are again! Do you remember our girl?



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Hunter's comment

Here we are again! Do you remember our girl? Well, he has returned to distribute candela. Zombies! Where!? Dragons! What are you containering me !? Jeans, wicks and spaceships! But what...?!

We know, there are many questions. But there is no time. The zombie apocalypse is here! Quick! Ride on your mechanical dragon and fight to save humanity!

Glide through the hills, jump in and out of the surface and destroy everything in your path in this action-packed adventure game. Discover exciting and magical lands plagued by zombies, giants, dragons and a lot of surprises.


• Frenzied and super-fun gameplay.
• Fully destructible scenarios (buildings, bridges, vehicles and more).
• Epic battles against bosses, 28 towers to conquer and 4 completely different worlds waiting to be explored.
• Upgradeable weapons, dragons and incredible unlockable abilities.
• Easy to play, intuitive controls combined with innovative gameplay. • Achievements and leaderboards to compete with friends.
Get ready for a chaotic and easy to play adventure!


  • 2 completely new and brilliant dragons to mount permanently
  • Other 7 towers to conquer
  • 6 new mega-bosses to defeat
  • A whole new world: Ancient Egypt!
  • New language: Japanese
  • Improvements and bug fixes

April 5, 2018
Current version
Requires Android
4.1 and later
Content classification
For over 10 years
Moderate level fantasy violence
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Offered by
Rebel Twins
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Ul. Wojciecha Michała Drzymały 100F Radom, 26-606 Poland




Hunter: @rosario23


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Hello hunter friend, very good product you have there.
Only one detail:
The post should be written entirely in English and also its official site ..!
This I do in a way of advice, for wanting to contribute to the growth of the community and of you hunting friend. Oh and with the best intentions :) Greetings ..!


thank you very much I will take it into account for the next hunt


:) Yes friend. For any questions, I am made to order. You can find me in Discord as pialejoana # 5738