Colic Baby Sleeping Sounds - An app to help your baby sleep

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Colic Baby Sleeping Sounds

An app to help your baby sleep



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Children are indeed wonderful gifts from God as we all know but most times when they are in their early stage of existence, it is very much difficult to understand them especially when they cry.

We tend not to be able to sleep most nights because of their incessant wailings.

Colic baby sleeping sounds got you covered on this, so if you are an expectant mother, nursing mother and a babysitter this would be very helpful. Colic baby sleeping sounds would do the magic for you by helping to stop your baby from unnecessary crying...

Let Colic Baby Sleeping Sound do the magic for you!!!!



Hunter: @ronarexx

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Nice hunt @ronarexx. This app is specially helpful for the first time parents, who are not used to this kind of pressure. Also its offline availability makes it more useful.

Keep up hunting cool products.

Me myself couldnt stand the noise and the high pitch cry of the baby. I don't know if this app will help you or you as parents. Sure, being a parent is very hard task.

I doubt that... It was created specifically for babies

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I'm kind of confused, is this like.. an app that plays sounds that babies make? Or is it like, ocean sounds, or something like that? Either way, this sounds interesting.

its really great amplication i will try, soon i already have baby


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