Intelligent Parking Chair - A Smart & Self-Parking Chair

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Intelligent Parking Chair

A Smart & Self-Parking Chair



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Hunter's comment

This world's first self-parking chair inspired by Nissan that will be arranged automatically on your clap. You don't need to waste effort for arranging the chairs just clap and it will be arranged properly automatically.

It will also allow you to sit and move wherever you want to move and enjoy an amazing sitting experience with it.

Thank you :-)



Hunter: @robertt

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Nice hunt, the meeting room.will always be organised this way after a big meeting. I hate it when people leave a haphazard meeting room. This can counter their laziness.

Your Hunt is Approved :)

Well done!

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  • This would be very cool for a conference room like in the video.


  • Can the chairs ever be programmed to react to something other than clapping your hands?

yes, you are absolutely right @fruidaddy.
Sometime it will become hard to arrange chairs.

Answer-> Why not, We can create a program that can also able to accept our voice command or whistle.
It's my personal experience because I am a Computer Science student and I love programming.

I hope you will also love my other hunts & Thank you so much -:)

What a chair. This is cool enough I mean a packing chair. This will minimize the space to be kept. Nice hunt

I watched the video and now understand how it works. I saw it used wifi connection coz i was wondering how it manages to locate where to park.

It is a quality parking chair. The advanced chairs are advanced and technical chairs. Here you can enjoy. It is very nice Hunter.

WoW. This chair is very amazing. It automatic go back to a particular place when you clap. This is very cool and save a lot of time to place back the chair at the original place.

I was more interested to find the price , so that I can order one for myself :). I do not see any price details, is it yet to be launched ? And if yes, then any timeline when its about to be launched ? Also any information on price and where or how to buy would help.

Ohh noo! This is really super awesome chair! Imagine something like that, less effort, more comfortable and no hassle!! ;)

Have we really become that lazy, that we couldn't even be bothered to tidy up our chairs? Lol! On a serious note, as nice as this is, if I were to spend money on office chairs, I would just probably go buy one that is more comfortable and has better ergonomics. Maybe this could serve people with mobility problems, but probably not the majority of office workers today.

I need me a parking chair that I can set to two spots, in front of the fridge and back to my computer XD
What a great idea!

I need also intelligent parking car for my wife, hahah, by the way intelligent parking chair is awesome hunt.

This is a very awesome product and a great hunt. This self parking chair will be awesome to have

It looks like a normal chair. But behind that lies the technology and security of a brand like Nissan. I agree with you. It can provide an incredible sitting pleasure. Thanks for sharing

Do not think about a chair that simple. The world's first automatic parking seat. It is another idea. All settings are automatic. I like it. Great hunt good luck.

I think this might actually be terrible for people. Cool innovation but this just produces more laziness in an ever increasingly lazy society. Myabe if the chair forced you to do some exercises while sitting, not that would be good

Interesting hunting, some chairs that you can control with just a round of applause, very useful in offices where there are lots of chairs and that only an applause will accommodate them in their place, the cleaning staff saves time qupodra to use in other things, great hunt.

It turns out there are seats like this, if there are people who do not know about the existence of this smart chair, maybe they will think that the room is haunted. Technology is increasingly more sophisticated.

Brilliant :)

Getting the chair to park itself at the command of your clap is a useful and practicle invention. No need to move the chairs after a meeting or classroom lesson anymore.

A cool and unique chair to make us do less work when arranging chairs.
Meeting will be more faster to start when we put chairs like this inside a meeting room.

This chair has left me impressed, a breakthrough in the technology of being able to create smart chairs that just by listening to the applause are ordered. Excellent hunting. I want one for my house :)

It would be funny to have an intelligent parking chair for a formal meeting, hahaha, by the way. I liked it, great hunt.

This is fabulous, I am completely impressed with what this chair is capable of doing, it seems simple but has the latest technology that allows you to park alone, is something very innovative, only I'm sure it will make me gain a little weight, since I will not even have to walk for the chair to its place.

I love this chair. I can buy it for my office room. I can move like I want.

Great hunt, brother!

This chair looks very useful and creative, it would be very good to arrange the chairs with applause, the meetings will be so easy and fun, great hunting

Great for offices and event planners who handle large volume
easy to use
can customize settings for each chair


Great hunt @robertt

Parking the chairs has never been so easy. With only one applaud, all the chairs are going to own place. These chairs will facilitate the office layout after the meeting is over or at work. It's really cool, I like these chairs.

Cool hunt

I would love to try it in place of ususal moving chair that I use . Let us have new sitting experience .

WOw this thing is so amazing!!!!!
I never thought about anything like that. Its like future. May be in near future we are going to see every element of house to be arranged on claps or sounds.
Amazing hunt!

LOL! Great use of tech, but if you've ever worked in an office with more than one person/chair, you just know what's going to happen - chair fights!

At least in every office I've ever worked in, this is how it'd go. If you can sit on them and they "return home", there goes your day. If you can't sit on them, you'll work out what you can put on them. If they have to be empty, that's fine - position them at random points around the office and watch them battle to "get home" to their individual homes.

I'm sure they'll get broken before the fun runs out, but they'd be great until that happens.

Oh, that not their indended use?

WOw this thing is so amazing!!!!!
I never thought about anything like that. Its like future. May be in near future we are going to see every element of house to be arranged on claps or sounds.
Amazing hunt!

It's very great and useful technology. The self parking chair is automatically go back to the original place. It is best for the outside meetings.

hahaha, this invention left me speechless. Great friend hunting.

Is each of their spots initially memorized, or how does it work?


Is each of their spots
Initially memorized,
Or how does it work?

                 - gadrian

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

What a miracle, my little brothers need those chairs for sure.

Great to see more companies working on this. I am sure someone who works Hospitality Services in a law firm, can say this is A NECESSITY. GREAT!

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