Kensington Laptop Lock - Laptop Locking Station with Smart Lock

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Kensington Laptop Lock

Laptop Locking Station with Smart Lock



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Kensington's Laptop Locking Station with K-Fob™ Smart Lock is a state of art security solution for laptops.

This lock combines encrypted security with the simplicity of keyless locking. The lock is flexible to easily fit laptops ranging between 11" to 15.6" screen sizes.

It also features a trademarked Register & Retrieve Lock Management Portal for the management of all Kensington locks in the cloud.

The product comes with a warranty of 2 years and sells for $149.99



Hunter: @rjoshicool

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I think privacy is all of ours most desired aspect for any product really, this ais to offer that with a smart lock which makes me think how grea it would be if all laptops came as such, especially now that we have embraced blocchain tech, protecting our data and info is crucial.

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I can say it is really a good hunt, some laptop users are too confident of using their laptop in public places. This will surely help secure our laptop, nice hunt!

149.99 $ worths of our laptop's security. We can keep it safe by Kensingon Laptop Lock. Thanks for sharing.

I love these laptop locks for security but it looks a bit expensive even for 2 years. In any case, this is a great hunt and thanks.

Great, safety is the most important thing.
It looks a little big.
Nice hunt

ow, security is very important thing for our daily life. This hunt will be helful for steem hunt member. Really it is Great hunt my friend @rjoshicool

The age in which we are living is known as the smart age in terms of gadgetry. It is due to the fact that most of our life depends upon the various gadgets including smart phones and laptops. In this regard security is much more necessary to make the gadget safe and secure from the robbery. I do personally feel that Kensington Laptop Lock is a wonderful product to fulfill this particular need in a productive way.

An awesome hunt indeed :)

Wow this is the first time i will see something of this nature, great hunt.


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