The 'No Mess' French Press - Create great coffee and tea

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The 'No Mess' French Press

Create great coffee and tea





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Using French Press is one way to brew a good coffee if you really know how to do it right.
what I mean is to know the exact temperature of water that must be, how long the coffee needs to be brewed, and how to clean it without dragging the coffee powder from one end of the table to the other. Rite Press comes with a removable thermometer that you use to measure the water temperature of an important factor for brewing good coffee before you integrate it. Not sure how long to brew coffee after adding water? Just look at the hourglass feature, which is attached to the press through magnets. Once the sand inside is drained, the coffee is ready to be served.



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Pros: it's just perfect coffee maker, easy to use, and of course it can make a great taste.
Cons: How about the price @rizkydemora?, if it too expensive, maybe there is another better alternative.

Thank's sir..

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Thank you very much..

Sounds innovative but somewhat useless for those of us that already own a gooseneck kettle that shuts off automatically just at the right temperature for coffee (no need for a thermometer) and a simple timer to measure the brewing time (no need for the hourglass feature). A twist off bottom sounds useless as well… the problem with cleaning a french press was not so much washing the grinds out of the glass container but rather getting the grinds out of the mesh filter area where they get wedged in! The AeroPress is so darn easy to clean and it gives you both a paper or metal filter option… why would you use this over an AeroPress? @rizkydemora Good job product

I'm not a big fan of press coffee but I love to use my 8 cup Bodum Chambord press to make cold brew! :)

Thank you bro..

I'm sure I'll be signed in the day. Sir..

I will soon get Bodum someday, greats job...

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Ini adalah product yang sangat luar biasa menurut saya, membuat kopi hanya perlu waktu beberapa detik

Iya bg,, ini sangat bagus apakah anda ingin memilikinya @diantbi

Thank for sharing .

amazing, i really like this product

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If I earn more money here on steemit, I want to have one of this its so cooooll!!!


  • As a coffee lover it is very useful to brew just the right taste you want effortlessly


  • You will get addicted to coffee hahaha