Tera Rising - your own battle

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Tera Rising

your own battle





Hunter's comment

Tera Rising is a game of MMORGP genre made by game developers from South Korea. But unlike similar ginseng game genre games, Tera Rising offers a unique game.

Namely through non-targeting combat feature, global politic system, and skill-chaining. Although many think Tera Rising is a pretty standard game for the MMO genre, but what makes it interesting is this game comes for free.




Hunter: @rhmi90


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Keep up the hunt!
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Thank's you?

Hey thanks for the hunt here's what I can share on this one


  • Free to play you just need to download the game depending on your equipment.
  • Graphics is really good
  • Then you have unique races available they have a panda and a loli character there as per the youtube video


  • Country restrictions

Players from Asia, Africa, or the Middle East will not be able to access the game due to regional restrictions. See our IP Blocking FAQ for more details.

Too bad we will not be able to play this one, unless you bypass and do the VPN thing.


  • Funny
  • Various platforms
  • Personalized characters
  • Free


  • Any

Good hunt here, let me share to you some of my insights.


  • Tons of magnificent features: Brilliant visuals, real-time combat, huge monsters
  • Free for online gamers and enjoy the 3D action MMORPG.
  • Yes, able to fight your own battles as you have direct control over your character
  • Flexible and dynamic combat


  • The server has a huge chance that it will crash

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